Bunny painting

Did I say I’ve had a cold all week? No? Well, another cold. So I didn’t get much painting done. Long experience has demonstrated that when I feel sick my paintings just don’t come together right, my color choices are terrible, the colors don’t blend right (everything turns brown, or worse–green!), and altogether it’s a waste of time to even try. I must not have been feeling quite that down this time, because I did 3 or 4 paintings that turned out terrific. Yesterday I painted this bunny study.
rabbit study

Didn’t those colors turn out wonderful? This is what I’ve always imagined painting like, but it took so long to figure out how to do it. Trial and error.

One thought on “Bunny painting

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I was just glancing through peoples’ art blogs when your rabbit jumped out at me! I agree that the use of colour is beautiful. I find colour fascinating, especially how it constantly changes depending on its association.

    Good luck with your work


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