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These will be the last paintings I have which will be dry and ready to ship in time for Christmas. They are in my etsy shop now.  The closer the days to the holiday, the less I trust the post office because they start tossing the boxes and that’s when I’ve seen damage in the past. Thankfully only a handful of boxes in the 17 years (!!) I’ve been selling paintings, but still, I don’t like to take the chance.

Belgian hare, 10″x20″.  In my etsy shop here.


Horse friends, 18″x24″, oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.




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I was asked if my cowgirl painting could be used for a book cover. Me having some quality-control issues and wanting to be associated only with things I can truly get behind, I read the draft and liked it and said You Bet. This is a self-published ebook/paperback and needs feedback on amazon to get it’s snowball rolling. Anna is giving away her novel for FREE for the next five days. Please download, like, share, twitter, or do whatever you can to get the word-of-mouth in motion. And then go back to amazon and tell other readers what you think.


Here is a comment about the story from Anna’s facebook page:

“I placed my setting on a cattle ranch outside of Pendleton, in 1934. As I was researching aspects of ranching, I came across a fun fact: in 1934, the wild horses in the area (called cayuse) were being rounded up and sold for dog food. I knew I had an important plot point right there–because STOPPING the slaughter would be a huge motivation for my main character, Ellie. She had something to fight for, despite she didn’t want to live on a ranch her whole life. Sometimes doing the right thing takes sacrifice, and if you’re the only one willing to step up and do the right thing–you do it.

“So Ellie wants nothing more than to get married and move away, but then who will help the horses? Not exactly a classical quandary, but still, I tried to make it compelling. And there’s a werewolf.”

Oh, and the main character shares a name with my DD, so how could I say No? I loved the story. If the novel does well enough, maybe I can do the next cover, too? Imagine seeing me in a series. I would like that. 🙂


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10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.


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I have a few more paintings going up on Etsy this week, just in time for the Black Friday sale which starts…drumroll…on Friday. 😀 I’ll have my listings 10% off, including the pieces already on sale.


Alpine goat, oil on stretched canvas, 12″x12″x7/8″, available in my Etsy shop.

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8″x8″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.



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11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

This pretty girl was a passerby at an art show I set up at last summer.

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Does this feel like it’s been the fastest year ever to you? Me, too. I can’t believe Christmas will be on us so quick. I am completely unprepared–how about you?

I have so many paintings I want to paint, too, and not enough time. Never enough time. So the paintings I *do* find the time to paint are the ones I *really* am excited about. It shows in the finished result, I think.

I titled this one “Kicking It Easy” because of the song. It just fits.kickinit8x24

It’s a fun size, at 8″x24″. Oil on stretched canvas.

Available in my etsy shop.

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