summer food: lo mein

I know, lo mein is a year round food and not just a summer food, isn’t it? We go to the restaurant for a girl’s-lunch treat now and then, and can share a plate of lo mein for $6. Quite the bargain. Now that the price of beef is going up up up, and asContinue reading “summer food: lo mein”


canning: salsa and sweet-and-sour sauce

This year there are only two Roma plants and one cherry tomato, but they are producing like mad! So far I have been able to can two batches of salsa (using 15-cups of tomatoes), and one batch of sweet-and-sour sauce (using 8-cups of tomatoes). Someone made a comment online that my sweet-and-sour sauce recipe isContinue reading “canning: salsa and sweet-and-sour sauce”

food: tandoori chicken and dahl

Hoo baby! Finally a food success! I left out the red food coloring that gives tandoori chicken its instant recognizability, and I don’t think the taste suffered any for it. Perfect chicken! I used this recipe, and after marinating threw de-boned chicken thighs on the barbecue for 20 minutes. I first soaked the chicken overnightContinue reading “food: tandoori chicken and dahl”

making something good better: braised mushrooms

When you go grocery shopping first thing in the morning it is **so** much easier to plan a nice evening meal than when you get to 2p.m. and think, “Now what?” I bought some fresh button mushrooms just for a change, we don’t eat them often, and when I got home I went to theContinue reading “making something good better: braised mushrooms”