Bunny painting

Did I say I’ve had a cold all week? No? Well, another cold. So I didn’t get much painting done. Long experience has demonstrated that when I feel sick my paintings just don’t come together right, my color choices are terrible, the colors don’t blend right (everything turns brown, or worse–green!), and altogether it’s aContinue reading “Bunny painting”

1-day-project: mini tote

I showed off some fabric I bought last week, remember? Instead of committing to a quilt (which of course I still want to do) I decided to give my new-found bag-making skills a shot. I used these excellent directions to get the basics down. It turned out looking pretty professional, no? I used innerfacing onContinue reading “1-day-project: mini tote”

magazine reading

I received my copy of the April/May Victoria magazine, and it’s a particularly lovely edition. You know how some months are just better than others. It might be because they are focusing on spring, and you really can’t go wrong with extra flowers! In particular I liked these pillowcases (although I guess there’s no embroideredContinue reading “magazine reading”