More jelly making

A friend shared with us some blood oranges her son grows in Florida. They were delicious, and got me thinking about a recipe I saw for blood orange marmalade. I couldn’t find the recipe, of course, so made regular orange marmalade. I used the book on Fine Preserving published in 1969 that I thrifted, forContinue reading “More jelly making”

I won another giveaway, yay for me!

I won the sheet fat-quarter giveaway over at Twin Fibers. Hooray for me! Now I definitely have enough sheets to work on my quilt. I had to stop myself from buying a pink one I saw while thrifting yesterday, because enough is enough! After I start cutting up my sheets I’ll have a giveaway, too,Continue reading “I won another giveaway, yay for me!”

Sewing ideas, skirt & bag

I love these applique skirts at Boden. But I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fabulous if you had a handbag or tote to match the skirt? The idea isn’t original to me, of course, it used to be quite fashionable to have a matching ensemble. Whatever happened to that? Anyway, what fun to applique aContinue reading “Sewing ideas, skirt & bag”

A cow with a calf painting for etsy

I put up this painting on etsy today. My photo still isn’t marvelous (why is there that shadow on half the painting???) but it looks like it’s as good as it’s going to get. The cows belong to a friend, and have family sentimental value. The calf was 3 days old, and I was veryContinue reading “A cow with a calf painting for etsy”

1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag

I did the knitting part in one day, about 6-7 hours, threw it once in the hot washer to felt, and then sewed up the pieces the next day. You could do it all in one day if you really had time. Yarn: 1 ball Pattons wool, found at Joann’s. 223 yards. Needles: Size eleven,Continue reading “1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag”

Watching: Gigi (1958)

Everything about Gigi is terrific: the clothes, the decor, the colors, the songs, the dialogue…I could watch it over and over. I wish I could find bits to show you off youtube but it’s not there. I would link to Maurice Chevalier singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and for he and a lady (HermioneContinue reading “Watching: Gigi (1958)”

Wishing about bathroom decor

I’d like to re-do the bathrooms in our house, but the rooms are so small there’s not a lot of options. They’re done in cheap modern. I hate the mirror cabinets that break into 3 mirrors — who thought of that? What was wrong with one big one that swung out? Hate them. But there’sContinue reading “Wishing about bathroom decor”