painting: Boer Goat (07/30/19)

I was typing the date above, and had that moment when I realized we are more than half-way to Christmas.

Are you ready yet?

I’m available to paint commissions now, if you have any gifts you’d like to get put aside early. There’s nothing like feeling,  “Whew, I am so ready for this!” when Christmastime rolls around.


12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas.

Available in my Etsy shop.

painting: boer goat (09/23/18)

I started this guy and was thinking, “Boy, this isn’t working at all. Is this working? No? Well, I’m a quarter way done, so I might as well stick with it.”  And then a little later, “Is this working? I don’t think so.” But again, I was half-way done, so I just kept going.

And you know what?


I think he turned out terrific!

11″x14″ with the slat frame making it about an inch larger all around. Available in my etsy shop. 😀

painting: Boer goat (09/09/18)

We’re closing in on Christmas and I have NOTHING done. Sort of like last year. In fact, exactly like last year. How about you? Care to share any ideas? I’m fresh out.

Finding time to paint in the spare hours is about all I can accomplish. I’m glad I’m able to do it, too. Did you know painting is not like riding a bicycle? It doesn’t all come back to you. You have to re-learn how to make the colors work together, and techniques fade away, too.

This happy Boer goat was at last year’s fair–I still have tons of models to paint. I like her curled ear, and the way her chin turned red in the sun. It’s not often I see black fur turn red, and it helped guide me on painting her highlights. Some artists can do this naturally, and just paint black as red, but I don’t have that light-bulb over my head that clicks on. Seeing her fur naturally doing this made me want to paint her, so I could get some practice in.


She’s 10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas, available in my etsy shop.