Almost Wordless Wednesday

Chickens have such a singular body shape. Like a Zeppelin. Streamlined, yet entirely not. The above hen is a Sapphire Gem. I think. See her fluffy feet? I expect her to make chocolate-brown eggs, and have my fingers crossed. None yet, but she’s only four months old. Our chickens are mostly Aracunas, and Americunas. IContinue reading “Almost Wordless Wednesday”


painting: Boer Goat (07/30/19)

I was typing the date above, and had that moment when I realized we are more than half-way to Christmas. Are you ready yet? I’m available to paint commissions now, if you have any gifts you’d like to get put aside early. There’s nothing like feeling,  “Whew, I am so ready for this!” when ChristmastimeContinue reading “painting: Boer Goat (07/30/19)”

painting: boer goat (09/23/18)

I started this guy and was thinking, “Boy, this isn’t working at all. Is this working? No? Well, I’m a quarter way done, so I might as well stick with it.”  And then a little later, “Is this working? I don’t think so.” But again, I was half-way done, so I just kept going. AndContinue reading “painting: boer goat (09/23/18)”

painting: Boer goat (09/09/18)

We’re closing in on Christmas and I have NOTHING done. Sort of like last year. In fact, exactly like last year. How about you? Care to share any ideas? I’m fresh out. Finding time to paint in the spare hours is about all I can accomplish. I’m glad I’m able to do it, too. DidContinue reading “painting: Boer goat (09/09/18)”