painting: reflection


Oil on canvas, 12″x12″

Another painting from a reference photo by Gary Odell. I pulled several of his images one weekend, and was so excited by them that I sat and painted them over the next couple weeks. The lighting, the poses…each had something special I wanted to interpret through paint. In this one, it was the light through the mane and tail. I also like the reflected colors playing over the back and stomach. And water? Yes, it’s more difficult than it appears.

Available in my etsy shop. Thanks for looking. Sold, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Softly, Softly, by the River’s Edge

Softly, Softly, by the River’s Edge

There’s a lot of “wow” factor to this one in person. I will be sorry when it sells. The reference photo I worked from was taken by Gary Odell, of wild horses in–I think–Arizona.

I imagine the horses’ lives are constantly on edge, with dangers from inside and outside the herd. Trust is pretty rare.

24″ x 36″ x 7/8″ oil on stretched canvas, Original artwork Available in my etsy shop.

Paper or canvas prints available at Fine Art America.

narcissus painting 8″x24″

I’m not entirely sure these really are narcissus. The people who lived in my house before me planted very few flowers, but these are some that came up this spring. They were mixed in with traditional yellow daffodils, so I thought they might be a variation, with bulbs possibly all purchased at the same time. These bloomed two flowers per stem.


I particularly like how the vase turned out.

8″x24″ oil on stretched canvas.

Available in my etsy shop. Thanks for looking. ๐Ÿ™‚ SOLD, thank you.

sunflower bright

How is everybody holding up? I’ve been furloughed, like lots of you, so am trying to put my time to good use. I find I spend *too much* of my time on the internet looking at all the bad news, and that’s pretty pointless because there’s no reason to make myself worry, right? Plenty of time to worry in the future, but today is a good day to be happy.


I painted with a knife, and the strokes are particularly impasto. I like the heavy texture, it makes me happy, too.

12″X12″ oil on stretched canvas. In my etsy shopnow.

Are you doing anything with your time to make your days brighter? I find I’m cooking more than usual, and that’s nice. I like to imagine families are finding time, finally, to sit down at dinner and talk. We are being forced not to rush–shouldn’t we embrace it?