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Both of these paintings were painted from reference photos taken by people other than me. If an image is good and a person is kind enough to share, I don’t mind that the same image might be painted by 100 other artists. We all have a different take on it, so I’m okay with that.

The first is from a photo by Mel Clarke. Some years I’ve been lucky enough to snap photos of foals, but some years I miss the right days.

12″X12″ oil on stretched canvas, in my etsy shop here.



This next one is from a shot by Gary O’Dell, who photographs wild horses in Arizona.

18″x18″ oil on stretched canvas, available here.



And while I am here, I have been meaning to ask for people to share photos of your own pets for me to paint. I have lots of horse photos now but not so many dogs. I would give you first opportunity to buy the finished painting, but if you do not want to, I will sell it on etsy to someone who shares your love of pets. Leave a comment, and I’ll see if I can get my email address to you so you can share photos with me.


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We’re hitting our 100+ degree days now. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 105 or 107. I’m glad it took until mid-July to occur, because I really don’t like the hot days. I have similar sentiments about mid-winter. I’m sure you can relate.

Still, we’re only 3 weeks away from the county fair, hooray! I just know there will be lots of fun new faces there. I better remember to stock up on camera batteries. 😉

Above are four sold paintings. Can you tell I was on a color theme? I really like the warm ochre. And also, they are all painted with a brush, breaking from my recent knife-painting phase. I have actually ordered more brushes, so expect to see more coming soon!

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Who’s a good girl?

10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas.

Available here.

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Oh my gosh, it’s already July. We’re halfway to Christmas. Are you ready?

It’s never too early to ask me to paint something special so you’re ready with a present. No last minutes worries that way. 😉

These lovely dogs are custom pieces recently painted, just to show off a little.

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This was one that I started out thinking, “Is this color right? Does this go with that? Am I screwing it up right from the get-go?”


But then I liked it at the end.

18″x24″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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painting: coonhound (06/25/18)

I love the in-motion swoop to his ears, you just know he’s on his way to do something important.


10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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I painted a few little pieces by brush this week. I haven’t used a brush in a while, but it came back pretty easily. Well, this style did, anyway. My daughter said, “You’re going backwards,” because I used to paint this style all the time a few years ago. I guess I like it because it’s not entirely predictable what the results will be, and the brush strokes are rough, in fact more scrubbing than painting.


Anyway, he was fun to paint.

8″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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