sunflower bright

How is everybody holding up? I’ve been furloughed, like lots of you, so am trying to put my time to good use. I find I spend *too much* of my time on the internet looking at all the bad news, and that’s pretty pointless because there’s no reason to make myself worry, right? Plenty of time to worry in the future, but today is a good day to be happy.


I painted with a knife, and the strokes are particularly impasto. I like the heavy texture, it makes me happy, too.

12″X12″ oil on stretched canvas. In my etsy shopnow.

Are you doing anything with your time to make your days brighter? I find I’m cooking more than usual, and that’s nice. I like to imagine families are finding time, finally, to sit down at dinner and talk. We are being forced not to rush–shouldn’t we embrace it?

painting: horse friends


18″x24″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my Etsy shop.

Like probably a lot of you, I am on hiatus from my day job,  unneeded in our new paradigm. I saw the snowball rolling on this one, and stocked up on painting supplies in advance–if I was sitting home, at least I could be painting, right?

So I am open to all requests, and appreciate your business very much.

We’ll get through this, and find a new appreciation for what we do have.

painting: ridgeback dogs

These are someone’s special friends I was commissioned to paint.  I wasn’t so happy with how the third painting turned out, so I tried again with the same dog sleeping.




I think he has an odd expression, below. Dog’s have the same micro facial muscles as do humans, and emphasizing one of these tiny lines sometimes results in TOO much expression. In this case, he looks a tiny bit too dour to me. This would be perfect for a cat portrait, but not a dog.


I tell you, painting is a lifelong learning endeavor.

painting: horse butt

Remember my friend told me to stop painting horses rear-view, because no one wants to see that? I did turn them around for a while, but I think just as many people like to see horses going away as coming towards. Right? Plus, my rule is to paint things I’d like to hang in my own home.


18″x18″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.