reading: Summer of Night (1991)

Remember I read the book The Terror (2007), by Dan Simmons, sometime last year? I’ve been going back and reading other Simmon’s books, and he truly is one of the best writers around. I read Hyperion, nominated for either Hugo or Nebula awards (possibly both) and liked it, but not enough to read book 2.Continue reading “reading: Summer of Night (1991)”


reading: We Took to the Woods (1942)

I spotted this book on the bookshelf of someone’s blog (I know!) and requested it at the library. I figured if that person had a copy, it must be a good book. And it is. We Took to the Woods, by Louise Dickson Rich, is a collection of remembrances of a decade lived in aContinue reading “reading: We Took to the Woods (1942)”

reading: Smoky the Cow Horse (1926)

Now that Little Girl is advanced enough to read chapter books (I know!), I spend some time looking at the “Juvenile” section in the library and pick up one now and then for myself. I spotted the “Newbery award” tag on the spine of this book, but the book was so old no title wasContinue reading “reading: Smoky the Cow Horse (1926)”

reading: Mollie Makes Feathered Friends

Remember I won a blog giveaway and was sent the wrong book? I have received the right book now! I was so excited to win Gretel’s giveaway on her blog, one of her projects had been included in the crafting book, Mollie Makes: Feathered Friends. I love Gretel’s toy designs expressed in her illustrations, andContinue reading “reading: Mollie Makes Feathered Friends”

reading: Mouse Trap Caper, The (2012)

The Mouse Trap Caper (2012) was recommended to me by one of my wonderful customers, and the book is a quick and satisfying and chaste read. All the will-they-won’t-they-get-together excitement of a romance novel, but with normal, average people who are believable and fallible and with ordinary personal quirks like everyone has. And it helpsContinue reading “reading: Mouse Trap Caper, The (2012)”