sewing: patriotic table topper

The quilt show had fabric for sale, and I picked up a charm pack for $5. What a great price. I used all but two or three of the squares, and filled in the whites from my stash. I never buy these kinds of prints. I like them. . . but I never buy them.Continue reading “sewing: patriotic table topper”


At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 5

Our last post on the show. See parts one, two, three and four. From November, 2022. I am impressed some participants submitted four or five quilts–whew! The colors in this schoolhouse quilt work for me. Plus, I love the tall and narrow buildings showcasing a traditional quilt block. Wish I had thought of it. IContinue reading “At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 5”

At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 4

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here are part one, two and three. November, 2022. Lots of lovely quilts. I love everything about this purse, right down to how she made the strap. Simple yet elegant. The quilt block uses a variation in fabrics, which adds interest. I like the panel, it’s an interestingContinue reading “At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 4”

At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 3

Photos taken at the Ouachita Quilt show, November, 2022. See parts one and two for more pretty images. I love a good Americana, and these pinwheels are fun. Doesn’t this have an interesting motion to it? I did not realize there were so many variations to the sunbonnet Sue idea. You could take this oneContinue reading “At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 3”

At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 2

More images from the November 2022 Ouachita Quilt show. No rhyme or reason to the images I picked, but maybe you’ll see something you like. The variety of what you can achieve with fabric is pretty astonishing. What a bunch of characters. A note on the below quilt said she collected flower fabrics for yearsContinue reading “At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 2”

At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 1

From the November 2022 Ouachita Quilt Show. I did not write down the names of all of the artists, and offer these as a selection of ones that leapt out at me for this reason or another. Isn’t this pretty? The variegated monochrome really sets it all off and makes it work. I love historicalContinue reading “At the Ouachita Quilt Show, pt. 1”

simple sewing

I’ve been saving my selvedges for a while, after seeing other people’s cute projects. I’ve used them to make several cute pouches, but took the time to photograph just these two. I like the bead zipper pull, with it’s complicated painting. That little hump-dee-do along the zipper is because I didn’t swap out my regularContinue reading “simple sewing”

at the Ouachita quilt show (part 3)

parts 1 and 2, available here and here. Embroidery! I think this whole quilt is hand-stitched, including the quilting. What a labor of love. I like how the pumpkins turn both left and right, so when used as a table runner it looks good from both this way and that. Personally, I think I wouldContinue reading “at the Ouachita quilt show (part 3)”

at the Ouachita quilt show (part 2)

We continue our stroll through the quilt show, starting with a tee-shirt quilt. The use of cheddar and orange background fabrics keeps this cohesive, and I think it works well. Someone’s high school memories, ready to keep him company in his next stage of life. Americana, my favorite! Green and blue, hmm. You might notContinue reading “at the Ouachita quilt show (part 2)”

at the Ouachita quilt show (part 1)

I am going to break down my many, many photos over several days, so as not to overwhelm ya’ll. Some quilts I like a lot, some not so much–but all deserve their moment in the sun! The quilts are arranged in no particular order, except how I wandered through the show. Is this a CelticContinue reading “at the Ouachita quilt show (part 1)”