just like Scrooge McDuck

I ordered some fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Life is too short to buy fabric that makes you say, “I guess this is okay.”


“This is pretty close to what I’m looking for.”

We only have so much time on this earth, and thanks to the internet, we don’t have to waste time looking and looking and looking. It’s all right at our fingertips now.

This first photo is various Lecien “Flower/Sugar” designs. I love Lecien fabric.

It just makes me happy.



All the remaining photos are Tilda “Apple Butter” design. I am so so so so so happy we can buy Tilda in the US now. I’ve been seeing UK people show it off for several years, and it just made me weep I couldn’t buy it, too.

But now I can.


This design is just my favorite, after watching several of the past few releases.


It has a 30s vibe going on, while being entirely modern.

I never buy green or yellow fabric, but I just had to buy the whole collection. They’ll be put to use, I am certain.


I have wanted to make an American flag wall hanging, and have not found just the right dark blue. I’ve been looking for a looooong time. I think I will buy more of that middle pattern, because it will do the trick.


When you see a beautiful quilt, you never think of how much time went into finding just the right fabric. Because there are so many choices out there, but only a very small collection does exactly what you want it to do.

I love the internet, because now I can find just what I had in mind. All the years of, “I guess this will have to do,” are over.

I wonder what it’s like to never have known anything different?


mspt: a spring bunny flag bunting

I found this terrific bunny fabric at Walmart. Bunny fabric that I actually like is somewhat rare, but this design is charming. And at $3.97 a yard? Sign me up!


I thought it would make a good lunch bag for spring.

The contrast fabric is lovely, too.


Instead of sitting down to make that lunch bag (which I have recently sewn four other versions, shh, I haven’t shown them off yet), I decided to make a spring bunting

Now, in my mind I had enough green fabric to make the third flag. In reality, I didn’t have a good green that would go with this. So I just happened to have the blue stripe out, and I love this blue stripe every time I use it, so I thought–“Just use that.” And I did.


But if I would have set everything out in advance, instead of just diving right in and cutting, I would have said to myself, “Hmm, pink and blue makes it baby decor.”



It’s baby decor.


So I think I will offer it in my Etsy shop. because it’s perfect for a baby reveal party, right? And perfect for a baby girl.

I even put in the extra time adding the rick-rack to each flag, and it really sets off the white points. I thought I was making this for me, so I did an awesome job. 🙂


This is 8-feet of flag bunting. It is going to look terrific celebrating a baby. Maybe you know someone who will appreciate it? Please check out my Etsy shop and take a look.


A covered journal

I made another covered journal for a friend who moved away (boo!) and bought a new house.

The book is intended to keep a journal of house activities, so you can look back and know exactly when you did things like update the water heater, install a new faucet, keep paint chips and chronicle where you bought the paint and when–and so on, and so on.

I have found mine invaluable, because I also write down the services I call and how much they charged–the plumber, the electrician, the guy who came out and charged way too much for an inspection–I know who not to call again!


I think the fabrics are both by Bonnie and Camille, one called “Vintage Picnic,” and the other “Handmade.”


I bought that button twenty years ago to use on a sweater. I have a whole set, four tea cups and two tea pots. They have travelled with me all this time, the sweater long ago thrown away because it didn’t fit very well. There’s a reason I don’t knit garments anymore.


I don’t remember what this interior fabric is, but I wish I would have bought more of it.


The cover holds a drawing book that I bought at Walmart. They have increased their craft section in recent years, and have a lot of really good stuff at reasonable prices. The spiral binding on this book means there’s lots of room to paste in receipts and paint chips, the book expands well and is not crowded.


I think this is a great housewarming gift, because it will come in handy for the whole life of the house!

sewing: lunch bags

I just love this pattern, it is, for me, the perfect lunch bag. I think we got almost a year’s worth of use out of the last ones. And that’s five-day-week use, so I’m happy with how they held up.

I followed my “use your favorite fabric” philosophy. I used to save my favorites, but that was before the internet, back when actually finding something you liked was rare. You settled for what was available, and if you were lucky you liked it. Nowadays, I can shop and pick only my favorites. So why not use them?

This Robert Kaufman print I had anticipated using for something else, but in the end it looks great as a lunch bag. Here it is, front…


and back.


This was a Riley Blake print, I think. She always uses great artists.


My favorite part is the drawstring top. It poofs out a lot higher than it appears here, and you can fit quite a lot of lunch inside.


Lastly, this fun novelty print.


Every day, lunch will be fun. Love this whole design. It takes a little trouble, but is worth the effort. Much better when you assembly line it, and make a couple extra to give away.



fox face quilt square pattern

I have listed my fox quilt pattern on etsy again. I just sort of let it slide to the way-side, but it should be up running constantly, because it’s a good pattern and fits a niche in a way I haven’t seen anyone else do. Please follow the link above and pin to pinterest from there so people see it!

My shop “limephosphate” has been closed, so it’s got to be difficult for people to find me. I’ll have to fix the watermark on all these photos….