painting: da kittehs

I’ve had a long-outstanding request to paint our kitties. So I did. You might recognize the quilt they are sitting on. In reality the quilt is tan, but I didn’t want it blending too much with the cat. Maybe, though, it would have been better…? The light coming through the pennants was glowing, but asContinue reading “painting: da kittehs”

painting: a horse commission

I have a couple paintings to show off (already sold pieces) that I am sure have made it to their homes by now. I don’t like to unveil them publicly if they are gifts, because you never know, it’s possible I might ruin the surprise. And wouldn’t that be a shame? He’s 11″x14″, oil onContinue reading “painting: a horse commission”

painting: reflection

Oil on canvas, 12″x12″ Another painting from a reference photo by Gary Odell. I pulled several of his images one weekend, and was so excited by them that I sat and painted them over the next couple weeks. The lighting, the poses…each had something special I wanted to interpret through paint. In this one, itContinue reading “painting: reflection”

painting: waterlilies (11/10/19)

I’ve meant to revisit waterlilies this whole past year. I wish I had more time to do all the things I have in mind–I’m looking forward to retirement, when there will be so many more hours (yes, I hear you retired folks snorting with amusement). I hope all sorts of hours will become available, though.Continue reading “painting: waterlilies (11/10/19)”