I spotted this Labrador Retriever at the park, and got a series of reference photos of him watching and waiting for his owner. The dog had such a playful personality, and clearly loved being out at the park.

12″x12″ oil on canvas: available here:https://www.etsy.com/listing/227539519/original-yellow-labrador-oil-painting


It’s been a busy week around here, how about you? Clearing out all the overgrown garden took a whole day. I’m glad to have it done, and am so ready to see the new flowers. So far, the hyacinths are blooming. I tried to force them on the windowsill last Christmas, and they only half came up with half a flower. The extra bulbs I planted outside, and they look so much nicer. I’d read they perfume a whole room, but my forced flowers didn’t do that, and the ones outside we’ll never know how much they perfume….

Meanwhile, here’s two cute little bunnies. I bought a pack of 6 of the tiny-but-deep canvas, and am trying to use them imaginatively. This bunny has ears that appear on the top edge. 4″x4″, available here.


And then I have a colorful minilop, small but not quite so small. And not on a deep canvas. 8″x8″, available here.


I can’t guaranty the luck, but you never know. Who doesn’t need a lucky horseshoe in the house? 8″x8″ oil on canvas. Available here: https://www.etsy.com/…/…/original-horseshoe-oil-painting-8×8


Didn’t this turn out so pretty? I was concentrating on the color use, and wanted the feel to be a calm, misty morning. 11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/225934410/original-resting-horse-oil-painting


This is a dog I see around town now and then, particularly well-behaved. He has a very pleasant disposition, too.
12″x12″ oil on canvas, available here.



I wanted to get some landscape photos, to see what I could do. Maybe that will be on my list for this week, but more likely it will be attempted in the indefinite future. Waiting for just the right day.

This one has the right sort of shadows I was looking for.


There were lots of climbing rocks all over, I’m not sure I like the close-up views quite so much.



I know my new camera doesn’t snap “action shots” so well, so I was testing it on these seagulls in motion to see what it would do.



What sort of sport is this? I don’t know what those rafts are called. It looks like it would be great exercise for your shoulders and core.


The dog looks like it is having a great day….Not being the one to row….


Here’s my camera using a filter. Pretty sweet.


What do you think of branches as a painting?


All in all, I think I got quite a few good snaps!


My reference photo for this horse had such an interesting combination of shadows–red and blue like the painting. It took me a while to build my confidence and paint it–all the tonal variations made it easy to make a mistake. I think it turned out beautiful, don’t you?
10″x10″ oil on canvas. Available here.



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