around home

I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done. Nothing difficult, but mindless enough that it all comes off easily and quick enough to be satisfying.

Aren’t these colors lovely? The shading shifts in just the right way.

The big safety pin is holding stitches, waiting for me to come back and add the thumb.

I liked this pink yarn while working with it, but overall am only so-so with the finished look.

Out in the garden, remember last year I put in two tree peonies? And that I was sure one was dead, so I babied the other one because I didn’t want both to die?

This is the one I babied. The best laid plans. . . .

And the one I thought had died? You guessed it. Growing like a champ. I’m not sure when it turns into a “tree” though, because right now it’s looking like a standard peony.

Isn’t this a delicate shade of blush?

I put in some wow-zer daffodils last fall. I wish I would have bought more bulbs!

spring blooms

Any idea what this plant is? They were planted beside a restaurant, so probably aren’t going to get much bigger. (???) I was thinking it’s some kind of magnolia, but I don’t know if any varieties stay small. These blossoms are four-inches across. I would love to plant this early bloomer in my yard!