painting: winter fox

winter fox 12″x16″

Aren’t his colors so beautiful? I especially liked the thin branches in the background, and the sort of kaleidoscopic effect of the positive/negative space. Maybe that’s not the right word, but you get what I mean? The reference photo I painted from was graciously shared by Patricia Mitchell.

Oil on cradled wood board, 12″x16″. Available in my Etsy shop. Thanks for looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

sewing: quilted flag

My sewing has slowed way down this year, I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because my interests cycle through different things. I work on something for a while, then move on to something else that seems more challenging. Then I moved back to the first thing, when enough time has passed that it seems new again.

Our summer decor needed some sprucing up, so I made a new wall hanging. The squares are 4-1/2″ inches each, so it’s quite sizable.

I hand-appliqued the stars. That’s why there’s only seven. Do they fill up enough of the blue area? I think they do….and that was all the time I wanted to put into it. I envy those people who spend years on a complicated project.

Hand sewing the binding is my favorite part. It’s a peaceful, slow-moment sort of way to tie up the whole project and know it’s done right.

I used my brightest reds and blues. So many fun fabrics.

Hooray, I am ready for summer to begin!

How about you?

paintings: a bluebird, and a cottontail

Eastern Bluebird 8″x8″

I’m loving working with brushes again. Every so often, I guess you have to change things up just to keep things feeling fresh. I’ve never been good with that out-of-focus sort of background, but I think these last couple weeks I’ve finally found success.

Eastern Bluebird, 8″x8″ oil on cradled board, in my Etsy shop now.

At the Meadow’s Edge, 8″x8″

Both of these paintings are from reference photos found on the Facebook group Free Reference Photos for Artists. There is such a wide variety of subjects there, that I anticipate expanding my range. I’m grateful people are willing to share captured moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Cottontail, 8″x8″ oil on cradled wood board. In my Etsy shop now. Thanks for looking! :)SOLD, Thank you!

painting: grazing pinto

Pinto Swish 8″x8″

I’m trying my darnedest to get back into the swing of “a painting a day.” It’s a challenge, because sometimes it seems there’s so many other things that need to be done. I stocked up on these cradled wood boards, and am really happy with the new direction they’ve taken me. The surface accepts paint differently than canvas, and they have their own learning curve (of course).

This horse is from a reference photo shared on the Facebook group, Free Reference Photos for Artists. I am finding a *lot* of inspiration there!

8″x8″ oil on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop. Thanks for looking. ๐Ÿ˜€