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The sale is valid only on paintings currently in my etsy shop, not for custom or commissioned work. Thank you for understanding.

Ooh, I love it when wordpress turns on the snow feature, don’t you? It sums up everything pretty about winter and the Christmas season, and makes this little space feel a touch magical.

So, a little bit incongruous, is my latest finish: a summery, shabby chic purse!


Don’t you love the fabric? It’s a heavy canvas by Lecien. They have the BEST designers!

Even though the fabric is canvas, I used a heavy Pellon stabilizer–which after I ironed it in, I realized it was a mistake. The fabric had enough structure without it.

This fabric flower really slowed me down. I had the purse finished, but then fussed over the flower and what it should look like. Since the fabric has very strong threads, it will unravel quickly. I either had to figure out a flower with finished edges (way too much bother, and difficult to sew), or a flower that would look better over time as its edges came undone.

You can see I used 3 fabric layers, and as each one frays it should look better and better.


The fabric is printed as a border print, with both the plaid and the roses on the same piece of material. I took advantage of this when cutting out the purse strap; all I need to do was cut one piece and fold it over. And how pretty did it turn out, I must say?


The inside is simple dots, no pocket. You can pretend you don’t see that uncut thread, right?


Here’s the reverse side, showing off the pretty roses. I LOVE this fabric!


Is this my only finished purse in 2016? I think it is. My sewing has slowed waaaay down. Maybe in 2017 I’ll be able to remedy that.

I can always hope, anyway.  Now all I need is Spring to give this pretty purse a good whirl around town.

How is the weather where you are? It feels like it’s just this side of snowing here. Rainy, shivery cold, and frost in the mornings. I guess I’m glad it hasn’t actually snowed yet, after seeing the weather reports from the midwest!

My happy goat harkens back to the sunny days of summer. Bright, colorful, and fun. Yep, I love everything about summer.

10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.


I’m not keeping up with my paintings here, so these have been listed in my etsy shop all week.

Isn’t he a cutie? 8″x8″ oil on stretched canvas.  Available here


And a pretty horse.  11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.



pretty song Friday


8″x8″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop. SOLD, thank you!

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