I love the suggested connotations of the horse shoe — good fortune, good luck, a brighter future, and of course a real horse mixed in with all of that.

10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.


Are we really one month into 2016? How did that happen?

This Nubian goat makes me happy. I love her cheery expression, and her dots.

12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas, available here.dottygoat12x12

pretty song friday

I love this moment, and it took me a while to build up the courage to paint it. I thought I might go wrong when it came time to paint the water or trough. But I like how it turned out–the rustiness of the trough seems real to me.

Another bigger piece, at 20″x24″, oil on extra-deep stretched canvas. Drinking Buddies


My first painting of the new year! I wanted to open the year with something special. This one is hanging in my living room, and I can guaranty it is beautiful and impressive. :)

24″x24″ oil on stretched canvas, the design wraps around the side edges. SOLD, THANK YOU.


Available here. SOLD

so pretty

One of my customers sent me a photo of my paintings on her wall. These were all shipped last week, safe and sound despite the Christmas rush. I was worried about the boxes being drop-kicked, so I am quite relieved.


That’s a wall of art seven feet across. Don’t they look terrific?

I had a variation on my recurring dream, where the house or apartment I’m living in suddenly has a door I’ve never noticed, which when opened reveals a terrific new room making the current place twice as large. How had I never noticed the door? In my most recent dream, I’m staying at a retro 1970s hotel with orange and avacado decor (probably inspired by my just finishing season 7 of Mad Men), and as I travel through examining it, there’s two baths, two spacious bedrooms, a full bar and bistro area, a deck with a stuffed camel on it, and doors seemingly on every wall. As I travel back to the first room, this time I note the bar is really *outside* my room, but seems to be inside because glimpsed through a large door. Mixing drinks for a small crowd is the actor, Tim Roth. He smiles at me and goes back to mixing drinks. I walk through the rooms again, look through another door and see a very old Dean Martin with shocking white hair descending a spiral staircase, about to disappear. He looks up at me and smiles and I snap his photo and ask him if it’s okay if I post his photo on my blog. He said it was okay. I wish I had that photo.

This dream seems pretty easy to interpret: pay attention to what is already there, there is more than you are acknowledging. Take off the blinders and really see.

I guess that’s my resolution for the new year: See those doors and open them.

postcard 1 front


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