We got to take care of our neighbor’s dogs for a few days, with lots of photos as a result! The puppy not so many, he, well, was a puppy. Adult dogs just make better paintings, in my mind.

I had to wait a loooong time for a perfect moment like this one.


12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

I hate typing the date in my title bar, it always reminds me of how fast the year is flying by. Another year gone, just like that. It makes me think I’d better get my ducks in a row (as an old boss used to say every single day) and figure out what needs to be done.

The painting just gets done without me really thinking about it. If I had a list, it would get checked off every day. Because I enjoy it, and every day it’s something a little different. But what else needs to be on that list?

Meanwhile, two bunnies from the fair. There were only a handful of bunnies this year at the county fair, because a couple years ago the heat stroke caught a few of them and the kids didn’t want to take a chance again. I can sympathize, truly, and next year there will be a new facility with better cooling so maybe there will be many many many more bunnies. I can hope.

8″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.


8″x8″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.


Woohoo, my new photos from the fair are being lined up mentally and painted in my head. Now I just need the time to sit down and put brush to canvas. The ones the excited me this week were mostly bunnies, but I started with this friendly goat.

10″x10″ oil on canvas. Available here.


These are just a few things that leaped out at me while looking at all the interesting exhibits at the fair.

This little bee smoker. It made me think of the person who made it, who must have made many more, and maybe advertised them in the newspaper or magazines. Because apiary enthusiasts must have always been a very small bunch, and marketing such a unique thing to a small audience…. A labor of love.


Two animals in the wild animal exhibit (otherwise know as, “Don’t keep these as pets at home or they will end up here”):



I got a few real good photos of the tiger. Might be painting him soon.


Many bead necklaces, these are gorgeous. It makes me wonder if someone in town is giving classes. I can see wearing any of these.


Little wool pincushions. I know a local fabric shop gave classes in working with wool. These are so pretty.


And hey, I got a second prize ribbon for my fox quilt. :)


And a second place for my horse dish towel. A note said I needed to clip my knots closer to win a blue. Duly noted.


And then I’d look over my shoulder and see this person following me around, trying to blend in….
twinkie copy


VArious and sundry paintings I’ve listed in my etsy shop this week. Sorry, I’ve been busy painting most evenings–my shop will be well-stocked this year before Christmas! Or at least that’s my goal. :D






I haven’t sat down to edit my 323 photos (of course 1 out of 10 are any good) but here are two that grab my attention.


What makes the prize a little less emotionally fulfilling is that the Disney Pez collection submitted and displayed next to her embroidery also won a champion ribbon. Sigh. So if going out and buying something wins a prize, well…just sigh. But I didn’t say that out loud, sshhh.

We were laughing that whomever came back to get his cup of orange soda might be in for a surprise and wonder where it went, just before taking a big gulp.





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