happy dance

I admit I totally did not *get* Fantastic Mr. Fox the first ten times I watched it. (When you have a child, movies get re-played). But then on the 11th viewing, the light went off *BING* and I Totally Got It. It was brilliant.

The first Wes Anderson movie I watched was The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) because Robin recommended it (Hi, Robin!) and I totally did not get it. I said, “That was not a good movie.” I have not watched The Life Aquatic ten more times, so I don’t know if it would *BING* come to life for me now.  I love Bill Murray, so I can see giving it a second chance.

Based on Robin’s say-so,  I also watched Rushmore (1998) and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and said, “I don’t think these are very good.”

And then I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox ten times, and the light went on. *BING.* So I watched The Darjeeling Limited (2007) and I thought, “This is a pretty good movie.” So I watched Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and wondered if there were more Wes Anderson I could catch up on? The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) followed, and I was won over. I had been totally all wrong about Wes Anderson.

It’s funny how sometimes you have to grow in certain ways before you are able to understand certain things. Yes, that is vague, but that’s life.

So it is a happy dance I am doing because this Friday Isle of Dogs is being released, and it looks like he’s working with the animators from Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I am so excited!


pretty song friday


Didn’t they turn out lovely?

18″x24″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

This is a lovely dog who was at the park a couple summers ago, I’ve painted him several times now. I asked the lady about his heritage, and he was way outside of my price range, I think his relatives become police dogs.


12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here. SOLD thank you

Remember I used to write “make something pretty today” posts? Yeah, I really ran out of time for making pretty things. Looking forward to retiring, and having endless days for projects. One day….

I spent several evenings working on this little embroidery. I haven’t embroidered in a long time, or at least not tried to make up my own designs, so it probably took a lot longer than just sewing to fill in an existing pattern.


I had only 3 colors of wool felt to choose from, and thought this green a better choice than the orange, but upon finishing it I decided I should have used the dark brown.The orange and the green here look like the same value, so the fox doesn’t pop as much as it should.


Altogether, I am happy with how it turned out. I purchased 4 of the necklace setting in different colors, so I will be trying again. I am thinking of a parakeet, and an owl. The fourth one has yet to be determined….

We will see!


A Boer goat at the fair last year. I’m always happy if there are few goats who have horns.

11″x14″x7/8″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

wordless wednesday