paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee

I’ve been concentrating on working with a loose style. I tend to try to paint too precise (whether or not you can see it) and letting go of “it has to look real” is difficult for me. The blue sky in the above painting looks especially bright, and is not captured well in my photoContinue reading “paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee”

paintings: tulips, and a rabbit

 A sweet little chickadee adds a touch of whimsy to a formal flower arrangement. I reworked the background color, changing it from gray to yellow. There are bits of gray showing through, which adds visual interest. I painted from a reference photo shared by Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet. 16″x20″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here.Continue reading “paintings: tulips, and a rabbit”

paintings: a bluebird, and a cottontail

I’m loving working with brushes again. Every so often, I guess you have to change things up just to keep things feeling fresh. I’ve never been good with that out-of-focus sort of background, but I think these last couple weeks I’ve finally found success. Eastern Bluebird, 8″x8″ oil on cradled board, in my Etsy shopContinue reading “paintings: a bluebird, and a cottontail”

painting: doe bunny (10/31/19)

We’re round the corner, heading towards 2020. Wow. Two whole decades of the 21st century already gone. Well, mostly, right? Are you ready for Christmas? Not me. Not even close. Maybe you know someone who would appreciate a bunny painting? This one is in colors that are darker than I usually work with, but IContinue reading “painting: doe bunny (10/31/19)”

painting: Belgian Hare (07/29/19)

11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop. I painted in this looser style a couple days this week. For anybody doing the painting-a-day challenge, this is really the way to achieve that goal. Sometimes I think my knife paintings look a little stiff, and this brush exercise helps work on the flowingContinue reading “painting: Belgian Hare (07/29/19)”