happy little chickens

I embroidered this happy little scene some time ago, but did not get around to sharing it. I found the towel at a thrift store, with the design pre-printed. The red ribbon was sewn to the bottom, too, and I’m not sure if the kit was sold with it or if the previous owner embellishedContinue reading “happy little chickens”


making something pretty today x3

I’ve been doing a little sewing in the background, because it’s hard not to think about making pretty things–and then make those things happen. I bought several charm packs of Moda’s Poetry fabric, and made some zakka style curtains for the living room. They sadly don’t photograph well because of all the light behind them,Continue reading “making something pretty today x3”

and then my heart just about stopped

My heart stopped for just a second, anyway. Do you ever feel like that, that if you take a breath or look away the moment might be shattered and whatever you see might not really be true? That’s how I felt when I laid eyes on these patterns. Can you see view A? I thinkContinue reading “and then my heart just about stopped”

thrifting: hand towel

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for bathroom linens ever since my friend Ginger showed me her beautiful bathroom sink. You need just the right sort of vintage linen to show off on that towel bar. I finally found one. What’s remarkable is that the entire thing seems hand-sewn. The edges are rolled and stitchedContinue reading “thrifting: hand towel”

finished project: shabby chic cabinet

I bought this cabinet before I learned about chalk paint, so it waited a long time for me to get around to painting it. I knew what I wanted it to end up like, but not how to do it. Aaaannd, I have since learned that yes, you can make your own chalk paint. AceContinue reading “finished project: shabby chic cabinet”

finished project: painted dresser

You’d think I would have thought to take photos of the “before” version, but I didn’t. I had painted this dresser about 15 years ago, using first a dark blue all over, and then a cream enamel over that that I sanded to distress it here and there and let the blue show through. IContinue reading “finished project: painted dresser”

at the antique show (trailers)

There’s something about aluminum tear-drop trailers that is so much fun. Wouldn’t it be great to have one and belong to a caravan club? Instant friends and destinations! Several trailers, not necessarily tear-drops, but mini-minis, were at the show and displayed so you could view their gussied-up interiors. I’ll start with the turquoise trailer. YouContinue reading “at the antique show (trailers)”

thrifting: kids patterns

I never find old patterns. Almost never. But when I do, they are kids’ patterns. That’s fine, I’ll buy them. I’ll put them aside, and who knows — maybe sell them in another 10 years when they are even older. These were all bundled together, so I could see the pajamas (which is what IContinue reading “thrifting: kids patterns”