What, no newsletter again this week?

Yep, no newsletter again this week. We were down with the flu last week, so very little painting got done, and what was done was for commission pieces (thank you thank you for the commission requests!). So this week I’m just moving a couple paintings off of etsy over to ebay, just to keep myContinue reading “What, no newsletter again this week?”

Grammar Friday: affect or effect

We go to the Huffington post to see an often misused sound-alike word, via http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/24/czech-government-ousted-f_n_178600.html “The government got what it deserved,” said former Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek, who leads the opposition Social Democratic party. “It was not able to handle the affects of the economic crisis.” At Websters, we see no meaning of affect isContinue reading “Grammar Friday: affect or effect”

Sorry, no newsletter this week

I forgot to take photos of my paintings Saturday, and didn’t think about it until Sunday night when I realized I’d left all my preparation (photos/newsletter/write-ups) for Tuesday entirely undone. What was I working on instead? Some sewing projects. I got totally distracted. So I’m going to show off four of my paintings here instead,Continue reading “Sorry, no newsletter this week”

link: thoughts on a long life

I don’t usually link to stories because it’s all out there for you to find anyway, but I thought this one was especially nice. A 97 year old doctor gives his advice on living a long life. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fl20090129jk.html He says his father used to read the poem by Robert Browning, “Abt Vogler,” to him. IContinue reading “link: thoughts on a long life”

My holy grail of aprons

I finally found one of those complete over-the-shoulder-with-lots-of-ruffles aprons. Yay! I wish it wasn’t quite such a busy pattern with so many strawberries, but at least it’s exactly the right shape that I’ve been looking for! Now I can copy it and make a few myself. I don’t know if June Cleaver ever wore aContinue reading “My holy grail of aprons”