1-day-projects: Making candies

Of course you knew that I couldn’t buy the candy molds and then wait until Christmas to make candy with them. Not when Valentine’s Day is upon us. I used white Ghiradelli chocolate from the baking aisle, and made a filling of creamcheese, confectioners’ sugar, and raspberry juice strained from berries. The filling was aContinue reading “1-day-projects: Making candies”

thrifting Weds: a pretty teabag holder

I actually had a lot of luck thrifting today, and bought 3 frames, 2 of which I’ll keep and a third that will look great with a horse painting because it has some jute rope trim. So *that* was a lucky (and uncommon) find. Plus it’s not all banged up. I’ve been buying frames forContinue reading “thrifting Weds: a pretty teabag holder”