knitting: washcloths

Knitting up more wash cloths. These have a sort of nautical feel, don’t they? I didn’t know that would happen. I was just combining Americana colors. Or could be a racing-stripe feel. Maybe? Then I thought more than Americana, they have a French flair…. I’ve got twenty-three wash cloths finished right now. Definitely a coupleContinue reading “knitting: washcloths”


doing a happy dance

One of my customers remembered I like to embroider things, and thought of me when she spotted these embroidery patterns at a garage sale. Thank you, Beverly! I totally looked for one of those animated gifs of snoopy doing his happy dance, because that is how I feel (I did not find the right one).Continue reading “doing a happy dance”

book give-away (now closed)

I won a book giveaway on a blog (yay for me!) and the publisher made a mistake when mailing me my win. Instead of the correct book, I received this one instead. I’ve been given permission to give it away in turn, so here’s your chance to win a copy of, Storyland Cross Stitch. Isn’tContinue reading “book give-away (now closed)”