(not so) wordless Wednesday

I had some success propagating new hydrangeas using the bend-down-and-bury-a-branch method. I took a low branch (still attached to the mother plant), scraped off a little bit of the outer green bark layer, and buried that portion under a little bit of dirt and held it down with a big rock so the branch wouldn’tContinue reading “(not so) wordless Wednesday”


spring blooms

Any idea what this plant is? They were planted beside a restaurant, so probably aren’t going to get much bigger. (???) I was thinking it’s some kind of magnolia, but I don’t know if any varieties stay small. These blossoms are four-inches across. I would love to plant this early bloomer in my yard!

narcissus painting 8″x24″

I’m not entirely sure these really are narcissus. The people who lived in my house before me planted very few flowers, but these are some that came up this spring. They were mixed in with traditional yellow daffodils, so I thought they might be a variation, with bulbs possibly all purchased at the same time.Continue reading “narcissus painting 8″x24″”

mspt: lavender wreath

For those who haven’t been reading forever, “mspt” is “make something pretty today.” I used a wreath frame from the floral section in the dollar store, and ribbon and fresh lavender. You have to gather the lavender on just the right day–too soon, and it’s not fragrant, too late and it’s gone to seed. IContinue reading “mspt: lavender wreath”