New eco bags at etsy

Sheesh, my own sister doesn’t tell me she’s put up new things in her etsy shop! Here’s a pretty horse eco bag, go check out her shop! She’s found some fabric with different branches of the armed services to use, too–is that from Japan? Imagine buying Japanese fabric that celebrates our own US armed services!

Pretty shopping bag

My sister added a pretty new shopping bag to her etsy shop. Honestly, I don’t know how she can sell these for $6. The picture’s not quite right (my fault), but at least you can see the fabric!

Me, I’m working on embroidering pillowcases. Did I say I found even more, and now have 6 waiting to be embroidered? I started one of the rose cross stitch, and then found a poppy one that uses embroidery, which I like a lot better. But I’ll finish the rose one first, before starting it. Plenty of time to do all of them, right?

Eco shopping bags on etsy

My sister has opened an etsy shop! If you want an eco shopping bag in the latest Japanese fabric, look no further! My sister lives in Tokyo loves to make bags, so she’s decided to share her creations with the world. There’s only a couple listed now, but keep checking back as she will be adding more as the days go on!