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We’re hitting our 100+ degree days now. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 105 or 107. I’m glad it took until mid-July to occur, because I really don’t like the hot days. I have similar sentiments about mid-winter. I’m sure you can relate.

Still, we’re only 3 weeks away from the county fair, hooray! I just know there will be lots of fun new faces there. I better remember to stock up on camera batteries. 😉

Above are four sold paintings. Can you tell I was on a color theme? I really like the warm ochre. And also, they are all painted with a brush, breaking from my recent knife-painting phase. I have actually ordered more brushes, so expect to see more coming soon!


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Who’s a good girl?

10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas.

Available here.

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Oh my gosh, it’s already July. We’re halfway to Christmas. Are you ready?

It’s never too early to ask me to paint something special so you’re ready with a present. No last minutes worries that way. 😉

These lovely dogs are custom pieces recently painted, just to show off a little.

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painting: coonhound (06/25/18)

I love the in-motion swoop to his ears, you just know he’s on his way to do something important.


10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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These were painted as a commission, and have gone on to the recipient now so  can share without ruining the surprise.

If I talked about color choices, I’d have to say this one surprised me how it came together. Sometimes colors just work–sometimes they don’t. The mint green here I think worked wonderfully–it’s value range is the same as the light blue, so keeps things on the “cool” side.


And this was such a wonderful photo to work from, it was hard to go wrong. I love the ears-in-the-wind.


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Is this year galloping along or what? April. Wow.

I sent this one out in my newsletter a couple weeks ago, then realized I needed to touch up the background a little. Here it is, ready to go.


8″x16″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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This is a lovely dog who was at the park a couple summers ago, I’ve painted him several times now. I asked the lady about his heritage, and he was way outside of my price range, I think his relatives become police dogs.


12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here. SOLD thank you

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