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I haven’t been showing off what I’m working on, so I’d better start doing that before people start thinking I’ve given up painting! I really am painting, but it’s either special requests or things I’m putting aside until closer to Christmas. I really should just list them as I go, right? Yeah, I will try to find time to take the photos. This summer is super busy! And I haven’t even been to the pool. How does this happen?


Didn’t she turn out beautifully? I was trying to use the technique, “scrumble,” which works really well with acrylic paints, but I found it doesn’t work so well with oils since the paints are too thin and wet and slow drying. So it took a LOT of time for the layers to dry, and then go back and add more. Also, I started out with a whole rainbow of colors in the blanket, but the reds covered up the other colors too well. Scrumbling definitely works best with acrylics, I would try this again only on a very limited basis with oils.

But I’m happy with how she turned out.  🙂


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These are all special request works. But just to let you know, I am still painting and still available. It’s never too soon to ask for holiday (Christmas! Birthday! Anniversary!) gift items. I always run out of time at the end of November, so please ASK EARLY.

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It’s June already? June? Oh, my! I haven’t even started Christmas shopping and we’re almost halfway there. I can’t believe it. Time gets away, doesn’t it? Like my visit with this beautiful dog. It was two July’s ago! I meant to paint him ever since, but he kept slipping down in my to-do list. Down to the bottom. But he’s so pretty, I kept him on my radar and finally said, “Today’s the day.” Because he’s just too perfect to let slip away entirely.


11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

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Here’s several more paintings I’ve been asked to paint recently.

I love this guy’s little half smile.



I find it difficult to juxtapose enough highlights to make a dark color seem full of life, but look, I did it!



It’s hard to go wrong with bunnies. Bunnies are just so sweet.


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This was a special request. The background in the reference photo was set up just right, so I included it. Sometimes I find too much background competes with the portrait, and try to  balance that out with a plain background so the pet can shine. This one worked out great, though.


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Here are several paintings from January.

This beautiful girl passed away, and is a present for the owner. I hope she likes it.



This is a gift, too. I think I’ve painted only a handful of King Charles Spaniels.



This one I started out with gray/brown in mind, and then it went the other way. Completely, wildly, the other way.



And a sweet little guy. Those eyes just get you.





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cattledog11x14This guy looks like a cattle dog mixed with something else. Not sure what. But didn’t he turn out looking great?

We’ve been having snow and ice since Christmas. It’s just going on and on. Everyone says it’s the worst winter in 20 years. I hope you all out there are having a better time of it.

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