thrifting: heart shaped candy mold

This isn’t really thrifted, I bought it at the dollar store, but since it would have cost $10 at walmart, it’s as close to thrifting as you can get. The package called it an ice-cube tray, but darn if it can’t be a candy mold. I swear it’s that same flexy rubbery plastic they makeContinue reading “thrifting: heart shaped candy mold”

A field spaniel, and a bunny painting for ebay

Here’s two I thought turned out especially nice this week. Usually I do my best work on Monday, and then it sort of goes down hill the rest of the week as I get more tired. This week it seemed like every day was particularly good. I just like the colors in those bunnies, andContinue reading “A field spaniel, and a bunny painting for ebay”