I always like to paint a horse with flowing lines that translate into a landscape sort of scene. Do you see it? Maybe only I see it.

Black horse, 6″x12″, oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

This chestnut horse, I was interested in painting his deep shadows.
Chestnut horse, 11″x14″, oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

There’s no way this one could NOT be my pretty song Friday. Let me just play it again.

And then play it once more. Yeah.

The week is flying by, and I’ve listed 3 paintings on etsy I haven’t shown off. The heat here has still been in the 100s, up until yesterday when it was 84 and we had lightning. I always like unplugging everything and just enjoying the show. Over the years, I’ve had a couple customers tell me they lost all their electronics when the power surged, so I just take the cautious path and unplug. I don’t know if that meant they lost their stoves and refrigerators, but I bet they did. I leave those plugged in, just because I don’t think a surge will really happen. I wonder if insurance covers the loss?

Anyway, paintings.

Horse close-up, 6″x12″, oil on stretched canvas, available here.

Horse rear-view, 18″x24″, oil on stretched canvas, available here

Jack Russell dog, 8″x8″, oil on stretched canvas, available here.


We’re supposed to have more lightning tonight, with lots off wind and maybe hail. It’s nice to just pull out the board games and have uninterrupted family time.

I saw one of those lists of “the 10 best movies you never bothered to see,” and noted down four or five of them. Cloud Atlas is the first to arrive, and yes, it’s one of those WOW movies you should add to your list.

Six stories set in divers settings and time periods intertwine, with the same actors portraying characters in each story line. It’s a marvel just to pick out who becomes whom. If you are already a fan of the Wachowski siblings, you probably were in the theater opening day. –I just checked the stats, and the film was budgeted at 102M, and has had a take of 27M, so ouch! Rent this one and help bring up the stats; we need Hollywood green-lighting more ambitious (visually/story/style) projects like Cloud Atlas.


I Love living where I can see so many great horses! I just have to travel up the road this way or that, and there they are, beside the fence waiting for me to come make them famous.

Horse mama with her foal, 18″x18″ oil on stretched canvas, available now in my etsy shop.

A New Zealand Rabbit? I still am not sure. 8″x10″, oil on stretched canvas, available now in my etsy shop.

Bicycle, 11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas, available now in my etsy shop. SOLD, thank you.


10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas, available now in my etsy shop.

This sweet girl lives at a friend’s farm, I just love her (the goat’s!) colors. It’s easy to translate her black and gold into more vibrant hues, and I love to paint her. And only three more weeks until the next county fair, where I will get loads of new goat photos to work from. I can’t wait!


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