beautiful shopping bag

Every now and then I’ll mention my sister’s Etsy shop, especially when she’s made something especially beautiful. Isn’t this shopping bag gorgeous? It’s simple things like this that elevate one’s life.

Handmade, with attention to detail. If there’s any slight flaw in her work, she’ll tell you in the description and adjust the price accordingly. Good business, like everyone should do. Plus, when you purchase from an Etsy seller, you know you’re supporting someone’s creative dream. Thank you, everyone, for all you do for the little guy.

painting: still life with tulips and lemons

tulips with citrus in shadow 11″x14″

I was interested in the deep shadows cast over the bowl of citrus fruit. Several of the fruit recede out of view, while the tulips pop forward with their fiery brightness. The composition is balanced in a way I found perfect. I painted from a reference photo graciously shared by Hong-Trang Nguyen. 11″x14″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. SOLD, thank you!

paintings: a yellow rose

From my garden. I think this rose is called Moonlight Romantica. It’s the plant’s first year in the ground, so I’ve seen only a handful of blooms. Is your garden blooming profusely? Mine is not. I think I need a LOT more soil amendments before I’ll see much happening. I’m glad that we get rain every few days…although we’re going into another scorching week! I’m still not so hot that I’ll be glad to see winter. Nope.

singular 6″x12″

I used lavender as the background to make the yellow petals stand out better. 6″x12″ oil on cradled wood board, available here.

The Yellow Rose 8″x10″

A yellow rose symbolizes friendship. 8″x10″ oil on cradled wood board, available here. SOLD, thank you.

paintings: lemons, a chickadee, and more tulips

blue bowl with lemons 9″x12″

When I saw the reference photo (shared by Mary Beth Harrison) for these lemons, I was impressed by the vividness of the colors. The deep shadows play so well against the yellow, and the overall simplicity of the shapes is calming. I love it. 9″x12″ oil on cradled wood board, available here. SOLD, thank you!

flirty 8″x8″

This little chickadee’s position is so playful, I had to paint him. He’s so confident, and secure. 8″x8″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. From a reference photo shared by Stephen Williams.

the yellow jug 6″x12″

More tulips from my spring garden. I love how a painting can bring summer indoors year-round. 6″x12″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. SOLD, thank you!

painting: bee and lilac flower

lilac morning 8″x8″

Summer is underway! A few of days of this heat, and I find myself absurdly wishing for winter again. Well, not really. I wish for the temperate days of October, right before winter begins. But there’s only 3 or so or those days, and then it’s just too cold. Doesn’t the cold seem welcome right about now? We always wish for what we don’t have, because come February I’ll be wondering why I was unhappy in July.

Annnyyywaaaay, a bee painting! Spring bursts forth with lilacs, and the bees come out to play. My own lilacs, since I have moved to a new place, are about eighteen inches high. No flowers this year. I’d like to know how someone could live somewhere for 20 years and not put in any flowers. It boggles my mind. So all the flower plants are new, and maybe I’ll be able to gather armloads of flowers next summer, when the plants really get growing. Maybe. I’m hoping anyway.

Since I don’t have my own flowers yet to take reference photos, I used one provided by Marcia Akhter. Oil on cradled wood board, 8″x8″. Available here.

Lots of lovely new paintings to show off this week! Stay tuned!

painting: succulents

hens & chicks 11″x14″

Intent on broadening my painting range, I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked an image with a lot of green. Some people make green look so effortless (see also: red), but for me, there is so much subtlety going on, that I don’t quite know how to blend it. Or maybe it’s because green occupies a space on the value scale that seems to fit nowhere–it’s right in the middle, yes, so should be able to substitute for blue or red, but just somehow doesn’t. Green is a mystery to me. In this painting, there’s blue shadows to indicate depth, and each leaf is ringed in coral. I thought the contrasts were pretty, and I think I finished up successfully, if I do say so, myself. I painted from a reference photo shared by Ariel Reed. 11″x14″ Oil on cradled wood board, available here. SOLD, thank you.