getting ready for Christmas

Are you all ready for Christmas? House decorated? Or are you a last-minute sort of family?

The nutcrackers have emerged for a new year.

They grow in numbers every year.

I found a sweet little vintage ornament while out thrifting. I look for these all the time, but I guess few people want to part with them. So glad I found her.

I always think, “I have made enough wall hangings,” and then I start hanging out stuff and think I should make more.

I checked at two fabric stores, but either the Christmas fabric had all been sold or the choices were slim all along. I left empty-handed, sigh, but then received an email from letting me know their Christmas fabric was 40% off, so I did my stocking up and will be all ready for next year. (You know in reality I will be excitedly working away over the Christmas holiday free time, right?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

While rummaging through my supplies, I came across this piece of fabric my sister gave me years ago. I had saved it, because it’s so pretty. It’s hard to cut up the pretty stuff, because then you don’t have it any more. It’s time to put it to use–what should it become? Something that doesn’t cut it up too small, but that also won’t need to be washed very often so the colors don’t fade soon. Decisions, decisions.

The Christmas tablecloth has been washed and ironed (after taking this photo) and is out for everyday use. I love having so many pretty tablecloths to rotate through the year.

Lastly, our tiny creche.

Are you ready?


sewing: patriotic table topper

The quilt show had fabric for sale, and I picked up a charm pack for $5. What a great price. I used all but two or three of the squares, and filled in the whites from my stash.

I never buy these kinds of prints. I like them. . . but I never buy them.

They worked so well in this design, I am tempted to do a whole bed quilt. I’ve always had in mind sewing a quilt with civil war reproduction prints. Maybe this will inspire me to get a move on with that.

I picked up the backing fabric at Hobby Lobby. What a pretty design. I picked up a little bit extra, so I would have some for another project TBD.

I wanted the quilt to have a scrappy look, but it’s not quite as varied as I hoped. My inspiration came from seeing this beautiful quilt. I like the way some of her prints just seem to fade away.

I am quite tempted to try this pattern again, in a different color way.

Lastly, here’s my beautiful Christmas cactus. I have never had one of these flower, ever. There must be something right about the conditions this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope your week is going well. Are you ready for Christmas?

this and that

Are you enjoying a lovely change of weather? It seems like the awful heat is finally over. The nights are dipping down to the edge of winter-chilly. I hope autumn lingers, but it seems it will fly by.

The little frog was perched atop a rose bush. I was surprised to see him up there, and wonder how he managed it.

My own unsteady hand mangled all my frog photos a bit, I apologize for the blur. This was the best one of the bunch. Maybe I had too much coffee that morning….

Have you noticed I haven’t been posting project photos this year? I haven’t been doing much, besides knitting. I’ll post some photos of that another day. I couldn’t let Halloween get by without a couple additions to the decor, though. I made a set of coasters, and another bunting. I am running out of places to hang the Halloween buntings. Well, you know, can’t have too many.

The fabrics are both from Walmart, in the pre-cut half-yard seasonal collection. I really like the pumpkins, they got it just right. The design has a 1930s feel to it. I bought extra. I probably should buy more before it’s gone. (**update: It’s gone.)

Then a plate of thumbprint cookies. I think it’s a butter cookie, but it tastes like shortbread. With the raspberry jam, they turned out wonderfully delicious.

I hope the lovely weather goes on and on.

Have a great day, and thank you for visiting!

watching: the Dick Powell show

I know everyone only has so much time in the day, and subscribes to all those channels with so many shows, but I’m going to throw this out to those of you who enjoy old television.

The Dick Powell Show is an anthology show, with top-notch writing, directing and acting. I’ve watched about 20 episodes, and only seen one dud. (I did not make it to the end, though, where it was probably redeemed.)

If you have an hour in the evening, these shows are worth your time. It’s interesting to see how the world used to be. The episode below is about personal integrity. Who writes about that, nowadays? (Bonus: No commercials!)

paintings: a succulent, and a bunting


So peaceful, green and serene. Perfect for someone who does not have a green thumb, but would like to bring inside one’s home the beauty of nature. I painted from a reference photo shared by Vanessa Jackson.  11″x14″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here.

the rainbow’s promise

Sweet, cheerful, and oh so colorful. I painted from a reference photo shared by Milan Ljumovic. 8″x8″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop. ๐Ÿ˜€

paintings: a coneflower, and a warbler

waning days of summer

The lacy edges of the flower petals captured my imagination. The blue/green bottle also spelled a challenge. I painted from a reference photo shared by Sandra Hudson. 6″x12″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop. SOLD, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

prothonotary warbler

 I love his pose, and his bright coloring. I painted from a reference photo shared by Denise McQuillan.  8″x8″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. Available here.