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more sewing, banners and books



I forgot to put a pen in the pocket, but you can see there’s a spot for one there on the spine edge. I only have a few of those doilies to use, I wish I could find more because this is such a pretty use.


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a little sewing














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Can you believe it’s supposed to snow again? The last stuff never really went away. Worst winter ever. All the days feel like this.



So I’ve been pulling out my pretty fabric and sewing happy things.



I have a new philosophy about “saving” my favorite fabrics: Go ahead and use them up! Now that there’s this thing called the internet, it is way easy to find more favorites–no more being limited by what the local store has. Go ahead and turn those beautiful fabrics into something that makes you happy, because there will never be a better day to do it.



I went to Target and found this beautiful rolling pin. The body of it is ceramic. It was in the $1 section as you come in the door (it was really $5) and I’m sure as soon as Valentine’s is over you will never see it for sale again. Go quickly to find it!


Snow or no snow, stay positive! I’ve seen robins in the yard, and geese flying north, so it’s got to be just about over, right?

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I haven’t had a Make Something Pretty Today post in a long time. I just don’t have time to sew anymore. I had the pieces for this bunting all cut out, and then sitting for a while. I wanted to have it displayed for fall, though, so took a Saturday morning to finish it up. These things are ironed 3 times, and for me it’s the ironing I never get around to.

Plus I had to go buy off-white binding for the string. And hey, this time only 12 flags fit on the length of binding–usually 14 fit. So I didn’t expect that, and made 2 extra pennants.


The colors aren’t exactly traditional for autumn, but I wanted to use the fox fabric. And the orange sort of makes it autumnal, right?


Altogether, I’m happy with how it turned out!


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feather quilt

I’ve been sewing all year long, and am stocking up my shabby chic shop now for Christmas. I have a ton of stuff to list. This feather quilt is listed there now, this one is so pretty in person. I used Miss Kate fabric for the feathers, and a beige Waverly solid for the background.

feather quilt

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It’s fun looking through all my embroidery transfers, seeing something new each time. You’d think I would have them all memorized, but I don’t. Something new pops out each time, and I think of something new to make.


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This year I want to enter a wider variety of items in the county fair, so I am sewing away and hope to have several more things finished by the end of July!

Doesn’t this clothespin apron reflect old-fashioned fair days?


I love the little kitty, keeping up with her own laundry. Sunny days, a light breeze, and crisp linens. Aaaaah.


You might recognize this fabric from several posts back, when I was considering using it for a quilt back. I still haven’t bought the aqua version, and I may have to buy something else entirely if I want to enter that quilt in the fair this year! But this pattern is so pretty, I had to buy the yellow. The fabric is Rosewater by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit.


I’m happy with how this turned out, using the binding to finish the edges was genius (I saw it while looking at vintage aprons on etsy).

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