mspt: quilted coasters

(mspt = make something pretty today)

Following my self-imposed challenge to actually use up my favorite fabrics, I made a set of coasters from the Tilda Apple Butter fabric.




Very pleased! And our furniture will thank us later.


mstp: tea caddy

(mstp = make something pretty today)

I saw my sister had given one of these to our mom, and thought I’d like to have one, too. So I copied her design.


I had been to a diner, which had been out of tea. A restaurant running out of tea?

It made me wish I carried a tea bag in my purse, just in case of such an emergency.

A tea emergency.

Yes, probably the one occasion in my life where I would find a restaurant without tea, but still. Who wouldn’t want to carry this little caddy in her purse?


It would make a sweet pick-me-up gift for a friend who’s feeling down. Or to give to a co-worker at Secret Santa time.


Or maybe even leave tucked in the car glove box. You never know when you might need a cup of tea.


Anyway, it makes me happy, and now I think I’ll make another one. Because it doesn’t hurt to have something ready at hand to brighten someone else’s day.


pretty rabbit table runner

I haven’t shown off my sister’s Etsy shop in while, so I thought I’d pick out a few of my favorite items that are available right now.

This bunny table runner is perfect.


I love a covered notebook. The Mt. Fuji works so well here.


And a holder for chopsticks so you can keep them tidy in your purse or lunch sack? Perfect! (And yes, those are little budgies in there, if you look closely.)


Do check out her other listings, she finds fabric in Japan that you just can’t get in the U.S.



mspt: a mug rug and a mat

I’ve wanted a flag-themed mug rug to put on my desk at work for a **long** time. I’d like to rotate these out to match the holiday or season. Even if it’s just sitting under a plant, it makes the office space feel a little cheerier.

I used fabrics from Bonnie & Camille, Handmade, and Lecien, Flower/Sugar, and the dots are Walmart.


I think what took me so long to make these was that I wasn’t sure what to do about the blue stars area. I could have pieced a quilt star, but my stash is not strong on navy nor stars, so what I had on hand wasn’t suitable.


The roses, though, seem appropriate, and pulls it all together in a shabby-chic way.


I’m happy with the mat. Maybe could have made the star area larger? Overall, the piece is about 12″x16″.


I used the same idea for the mug rug. The flowers on blue work a little better, as there is more blue showing.


Someone wrote an article about how people who decorate for the holidays are happier people. What do you think? I thought it couldn’t hurt to try a little harder to step up my decorating game. Maybe it’s true?

mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases

I made two of these, whew, what a lot of work.

Still, I was glad of being able to sit around and keep my hands busy. These turned out so pretty.

I kept the color palette limited so the design wasn’t too complicated, but with enough variation that the result wasn’t cartoonish.


The variegated purple above worked out terrific; I’m always suspect about why anyone would buy variegated, but I picked up more in other colors for other projects after trying it for this. It makes the color changes in those flowers so simple.








I still don’t know how to crochet, so I picked up some cotton lace at the craft store to complete the project. Yep, I made TWO of these.


pretty things: covered journal

Another friend is moving, so I made a second covered journal.

This time with a Flying geese pattern. I’ve only sewn Flying Geese one other time, and they are surprisingly quick and easy, for a sophisticated look.



I used an obvious pattern toile, and mixed up the part that “shows” when I was assembling the component pieces. The journal cover layers 4 layers which you turn inside-out, and having to double-think which part ends up visible in the end is tricky. At least if you don’t remember the secret: What you see, is what shows when you’re finished. This goat should have been a cute chicken in a tree, sigh.










Altogether, I’m pleased with how it turned out. A slight flaw, but that’s handmade for you.

You remember how, was it the Quakers or the Shakers? would always purposely put a flaw into their projects because they didn’t want to offend G-d by assuming to make something perfect? I don’t have the problem. They all come out imperfect on their own. 😀