painting: gray bun (09/24/18)


8″x10″x1″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shopSOLD. Thank you.

Bunnies make me happy. You too?.



painting: horse shoe (09/23/18)

I’m starting to stock my shop for Christmas, and horse shoes have been fairly popular in the past. I don’t expect this one to be available for long, so if you like it, hop to my shop, pronto!


11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

painting: boer goat (09/23/18)

I started this guy and was thinking, “Boy, this isn’t working at all. Is this working? No? Well, I’m a quarter way done, so I might as well stick with it.”  And then a little later, “Is this working? I don’t think so.” But again, I was half-way done, so I just kept going.

And you know what?


I think he turned out terrific!

11″x14″ with the slat frame making it about an inch larger all around. Available in my etsy shop. 😀

painting: blue horse (09/11/2018)


This horse was part of a two-horse pose that I thought would work great as a stand alone. And success, I’m happy with how it turned out. You might see him again standing with a friend–but you never know. I have a HUGE to-do folder, and some I intend to revisit but just never get around to.

12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

He won’t be blue the next time, but probably natural colors. Daughter says, “But he looks like he’s part of the landscape.” Me: “Well, yeah, that’s part of the point….”


knitting: washcloths

Knitting up more wash cloths.

These have a sort of nautical feel, don’t they? I didn’t know that would happen. I was just combining Americana colors.


Or could be a racing-stripe feel. Maybe?


Then I thought more than Americana, they have a French flair….


I’ve got twenty-three wash cloths finished right now. Definitely a couple year’s worth!



So, since I don’t need that many wash cloths, I am going to have a give-away. Yes, you could win five all-cotton hand-knitted washcloths. Don’t like the above colors? You could choose my blue/green variegated. . . .


The blue-green don’t have a hang-loop, they are just square.

So leave a comment in this post, and I will enter your name in a hat to win 5 of my wash cloths. If you’re like me and hate the micro-fiber cloths they sell now, you’ll be pleased by how absorbent these are.

The give-away will end, let’s see, September 20th. At 5 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

The give away is now closed and the lucky winner knows who she is!