palomino12x16This head turn is one of my favorite poses, so yes, I go there often.

I like the bits of blue shadow.

12″x16″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

wordless wednesday


12″X16″ oil on stretched canvas.


Available here.

I felt really lucky to spot a black horse flashing a bit of shoe. I look at *all* the horses hoping to get a glimpse of shoe, but either the grass is too long, the saw dust too deep, the horse unshod entirely, or too much yard muck caught inches deep. I look, and sometimes I get lucky. The sun has to cooperate, too. It’s all a cross-your-fingers sort of thing, so I just don’t capture as many shoes as I’d like.


This one is on a chunky canvas. I stocked up on this size, 1-1/2″ deep, thinking I’d find it easier to sit down every day and just paint something small. It’s not happening yet, though.

8″x8″ oil on stretched canvas available here.

pretty song friday


Here’s several more paintings I’ve been asked to paint recently.

I love this guy’s little half smile.



I find it difficult to juxtapose enough highlights to make a dark color seem full of life, but look, I did it!



It’s hard to go wrong with bunnies. Bunnies are just so sweet.


This was a special request. The background in the reference photo was set up just right, so I included it. Sometimes I find too much background competes with the portrait, and try to  balance that out with a plain background so the pet can shine. This one worked out great, though.