painting: titmouse

Titmouse 8″x8″ oil on cradled hardboard

I bought a handful of new strata to work on–cradled hardboard. This is a birch board 1/8″ thick resting on top of a wood frame, so the entire depth is 3/4″. The surface is very smooth, and requires priming so the paints don’t sink right into the wood. If you are a people-portrait painter, I recommend these for their smoothness.

I got the reference photo for this little guy from the Facebook Free Reference Photos for Artists webpage. I think he’s a titmouse, although I can’t locate exactly what kind. At my house, it seems like we have the same 5 birds keep coming to our feeders. I know there have to be more, but they sure are wary of coming close. Thank goodness for people willing to share their photos!

8″x8″ oil on cradled hardboard, in my Etsy shop now. SOLD, THANK YOU!

painting: redwing blackbird

I’ve listed this blackbird in my Etsy shop. The canvas size is unusual, very tall and narrow.

I’ve been painting birds this last couple weeks, there are a few more small ones to be shown off in the next few days.

I do like this shape canvas. I have another one on hand, and intend to use it for a row of pears. The same shaped canvas, just turned so it’s horizontal. I’ve had pears on my to-do list for a very long time. Lots of ideas. . . very little time.

I may have to try again to take new photos, because on my monitor the background is particularly blue–while in reality green is predominant. I think the cattail turned out well, if I do say so, myself.

In my Etsy shop now, oil on canvas, 8″x24″. SOLD, thank you!

pretty shopping bags

What’s better than knowing you are supporting an individual with your purchases? Helping a person AND getting exactly what you wanted, that’s what.

My sister sells shopping bags made out of the prettiest fabrics from Japan. She lives in Japan, and I don’t know how but she can buy the fabric AND ship around the world for less than I can in the US. Our shipping prices are outrageous compared to Japan.

Don’t you love scooters? Doesn’t it take you back to a certain time in your life? Me, too.

This cute shopping bag is available in my sister’s Etsy shop. She sells other hand-sewn things, too, if you want to take a look.

Thank you for supporting individuals! It makes our lives so much better, one little bit at a time.