red, white, and blue lap quilt

I keep gravitating to red, white and blue fabrics. Americana is probably my favorite kind of quilt. Consequently I have a lot of red and white fabric (red always says BUY ME) but finding suitable blues is a little more challenging. I have to actively seek out blues.

All my prettiest florals, and a few sweet childhood prints.

Red, white and blue perfect for summertime Americana.

The overall dimensions are 54″x44″ inches.

The double-fold binding is a fabric called “Barbershop.” Red, white and blue stripes! I was so lucky to find this perfect match.

Listed in my etsy shop now! 🙂

painting: boer goat portrait

Billy the Kid

I was going through my past fair phots and this sweet face popped out at me. Not sure why I didn’t notice him sooner, with his striking coloring and regal nose. His shadows do the kind of thing I always look for, too.

10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Sold, thank you.

painting: reflection


Oil on canvas, 12″x12″

Another painting from a reference photo by Gary Odell. I pulled several of his images one weekend, and was so excited by them that I sat and painted them over the next couple weeks. The lighting, the poses…each had something special I wanted to interpret through paint. In this one, it was the light through the mane and tail. I also like the reflected colors playing over the back and stomach. And water? Yes, it’s more difficult than it appears.

Available in my etsy shop. Thanks for looking. Sold, thank you. 🙂

Softly, Softly, by the River’s Edge

Softly, Softly, by the River’s Edge

There’s a lot of “wow” factor to this one in person. I will be sorry when it sells. The reference photo I worked from was taken by Gary Odell, of wild horses in–I think–Arizona.

I imagine the horses’ lives are constantly on edge, with dangers from inside and outside the herd. Trust is pretty rare.

24″ x 36″ x 7/8″ oil on stretched canvas, Original artwork Available in my etsy shop.

Paper or canvas prints available at Fine Art America.