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I always have a million projects up in the air, but the good thing is that I actually finish them, right? So I don’t feel bad starting a new one. I’ve known lots of people who start things but never finish, then move on to something else. What’s the point of starting in the first place, if there’s no end result? Anyway. Lots of projects up in the air.

I picked up this yarn at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make a shawl–within certain parameters. 1. Must be warm. 2. The yarn shouldn’t pill. 3. And absolutely not collect static electricity.  So that meant a natural fiber. Hobby Lobby had one in my price range, a cotton mixed with acrylic


If I would have done the test swatch (I never do the test swatch) I would have realized I should use needles a couple sizes larger than the ones I used. Larger needles would have compensated for the bulk of the yarn (it’s a dk weight) and made the drape of the shawl more fluid. So lesson learned. You’d think I would just keep notes on all my projects, but somehow I think I will remember all these details. Which of course goes right down the memory hole.


I made an error in just one of my rows, but wow does it show up. Luckily when used as a shawl or scarf, you’ll never see it.


The overall size will be 60″x18″. I wanted to be able to wrap it around my arms well, instead of wearing a sweater. I pictured this for winter use, so warm and thick.


I used this free pattern at knitty.com.

So it should be just about finished come next winter. Despite being an easy repeat pattern, it’s still slow going because of it’s size. I really should have used the larger needles.

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I haven’t had a Make Something Pretty Today post in a long time. I just don’t have time to sew anymore. I had the pieces for this bunting all cut out, and then sitting for a while. I wanted to have it displayed for fall, though, so took a Saturday morning to finish it up. These things are ironed 3 times, and for me it’s the ironing I never get around to.

Plus I had to go buy off-white binding for the string. And hey, this time only 12 flags fit on the length of binding–usually 14 fit. So I didn’t expect that, and made 2 extra pennants.


The colors aren’t exactly traditional for autumn, but I wanted to use the fox fabric. And the orange sort of makes it autumnal, right?


Altogether, I’m happy with how it turned out!


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I think I’ve blown through my potholder enthusiasm, but at least have finished about 10. Here’s the latest. Isn’t the main fabric pretty? It’s printed in Japan, and if I remember right, by a company named Pretty Poodle. Or else that is the design name, which makes no sense since it’s flowers, but coming from Japan maybe it makes perfect sense?


I designed the cupcake myself. Cupcakes are such a popular motif right now, I thought a potholder would be good. Not wanting to search online for a pattern, and then wait for shipment, I sketched up what I would have bought if I would have found it. A happy cupcake. I should have used a darker pink for the frosting; using extra-strong colors is always key to these designs.

And you can never go wrong with birds. Always cheerful, and fit in anywhere.


I found binding material that was just the right color. How lucky did I get?

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MSPT: pretty pot holders


Here’s what I’ve been making with all the embroidery: potholders. I was going to save these up and put them in my etsy shop closer to Christmas (hopefully I will have made a LOT more shabby chic items by then!), but then I was thinking these would be good as Mother’s Day presents, too.

Did you give your mom pot holders or kitchen towels for Mother’s Day? We did. I think because they were in our price range, but also because Mother was in the kitchen: Buy something she can use where she is! I know, that idea has probably gone by the wayside these days in lieu of other gifts, but if you were like me and gave pot holders as a gift, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to give a sophisticated one now in remembrance of those long ago days?

All of these will be listed in my etsy shop this week, I will list one per day. Each will be $23 including shipping. –Believe me, I am not getting rich off this price! Each one has quilt-shop quality fabric, a layer of mylar pot holder batting, a layer of cotton batting, and has been embroidered by hand by me. Some of them have a quilt binding around the outside edge, also hand sewn. I love to do this, so a lot of love has gone into each one. All are around 11″ square, give or take an inch.

Teapot. $23.


Coffee pot. $23.


Cardinal. $23.


Kitty ironing. $23.


Love bunnies. $23.


Bird in a heart. $23.


Kitty cooking. $23. Good for a glamping trailer!


If you want me to list any immediately, let me know and I will put it in my etsy shop right away. Are there more to come? Why of course! I’ve got about 8 more centers embroidered, and need to get more mylar batting and rick rack.

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MSPT: fabric baskets


I tried to make one of these last year before Christmas and it was a complete fail. I think it was because I used cotton quilt batting, and it just had no structure. It flopped, it leaned, it collapsed.

This time I used two layers of acrylic batting, the kind you buy rolled up in a plastic bag.

Success! I made this….


And this. . . .


Both are from the same fabric, Birds and Blooms by Mitzi Powers for Benartex. The inside fabric is from Walmart, I saw the hot green with the cherry blossom design and thought, “Hey, I don’t have any hot green in my stash, and that is so pretty!” And look how quickly I used it.

I switched how I made the bottom, not sure which would be prettier. Showing off the inside fabric. . . .


Or using the self fabric? I think they both look awesome.


If you make these, my opinion is that they somehow turn out larger than you would expect. It may be because they slope open, or maybe I’m just not good at imagining three dimensions?


I would love to keep these, but Happy Birthday, Mom!

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MSPT: little bird

It was 9 degrees when I woke up!

Are you getting things done today? Made anything pretty today?

Me too!


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As I was finishing up this bath towel, I realized what I had done wrong.


Both the towel and the fabric should have been washed and pre-shrunk in the drier a couple of times before I sewed them together. D’oh! Now they will shrink at separate rates, and there will be puckering.

Oh, well. I bought a second set of towels to embellish and those will be done right! If I can ever locate taupe colored rick-rack…..

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