paintings: tulips, and horseshoes

11″x14″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. This is my current favorite vase. Add a handful of bright tulips, and you have sunny summer all year long. I have painted it before, but the presentation here is a little different. Available here. I captured this moment at a rodeo several years ago, and have paintedContinue reading “paintings: tulips, and horseshoes”


paintings: a horse laugh, a goldfinch, and a squirrel

I’m trying to list a painting a day through the summer, and don’t want to overload my subscribers’ (thank you!) email with too many posts. So I am stacking multiple paintings into one blog post. Would you rather see them as one a day? I know people can just delete, but one post a dayContinue reading “paintings: a horse laugh, a goldfinch, and a squirrel”

paintings: an indigo bunting, and a palomino

I spotted my first indigo bunting where I live, but of course did not have my camera on me. Maybe next time! 8″10″ oil on cradled wood board. SOLD, thank you! I painted from a photo shared by Terry Colby. What a shy glance from a lovely palomino. I love the way the short maneContinue reading “paintings: an indigo bunting, and a palomino”

painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life

 I zeroed in on the lovely shoe on this horse because it seemed unusual to me–extra flattened as though long worn. The horse was a draft breed, who appeared used to working. Horseshoes are symbols of good fortune, and I love to paint them! That little hint of tail swoosh brings it all together. IContinue reading “painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life”

painting: an oriole, and a roan horse

Didn’t he turn out lovely? Such vibrant colors. The bland background helps make him “pop.” I painted from a photo shared by Roy Heron. 8″x10″ oil on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop, here. SOLD, thank you! I love painting roan horses because all the little speckles are so much fun, subtly changingContinue reading “painting: an oriole, and a roan horse”

paintings: a squirrel, and a palomino

Painting the bushy squirrel tail is the most fun part, the layers and streaks combining to form such a pop of a puff. Really brings it all together. 9″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my Etsy shop. From a reference photo shared by the generous Les Liddle. My very favorite pose. A glance back,Continue reading “paintings: a squirrel, and a palomino”