sewing: quilted flag

My sewing has slowed way down this year, I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because my interests cycle through different things. I work on something for a while, then move on to something else that seems more challenging. Then I moved back to the first thing, when enough time has passed that it seems new again.

Our summer decor needed some sprucing up, so I made a new wall hanging. The squares are 4-1/2″ inches each, so it’s quite sizable.

I hand-appliqued the stars. That’s why there’s only seven. Do they fill up enough of the blue area? I think they do….and that was all the time I wanted to put into it. I envy those people who spend years on a complicated project.

Hand sewing the binding is my favorite part. It’s a peaceful, slow-moment sort of way to tie up the whole project and know it’s done right.

I used my brightest reds and blues. So many fun fabrics.

Hooray, I am ready for summer to begin!

How about you?

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