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D’oh, I forgot to download my fair photos!  There’s not so many this year, I went in the evening and the light wasn’t great. Good thing there’s another fair to go to tomorrow! Fingers crossed the light will be better, and the day not too hot.

I picked out a few of my favorite quilts. Some I like the pattern, others the colors. Others just look pretty.


I wonder if the person who made the later square quilt made this one–that olive green looks pretty familiar! I like the color combo, and how the straight lines fool the eye into seeing circles.  (Oh, and I had my flash off so everything has a yellow hue. I just didn’t get good photos this year.)



This is so pretty, and would look great either on the wall, or hanging over the back of the couch. Wouldn’t it be great to receive this as a gift?



This flag quilt doesn’t look so special in the photo, but in person it has been heavily machine quilted with metallic thread highlighting each firework pop. It had plenty of sparkle.


Imagine all the time that went into embroidering each square. This is a full bed-sized quilt, too, I just went in for the closeup here so you can see detail. Hours and hours of work.


Here’s that olive green I mentioned. I like this one, although it wouldn’t fit my decor. I guess I like it would look okay on a masculine bed–it’s hard to make a quilt that works okay for a man.



This one is huge! I had that little girl stand there so you can get an idea of the true dimensions. Thanks, anonymous little girl!


I like sampler quilts, and I’ve got in my mind to make something like this to use as a table cloth. Different colors, those red/turquoise I think about but never actually use. Maybe I will soon!



This string quilt I think is particularly successful. Dramatic contrasts between the bolds and lights. It’s hard to pull off when your stash is mostly middle ground colors (who me? says the fabric closet).



I find photographic prints hard to incorporate in designs, and this window pane quilt uses them well.



We just liked this pouf. I wouldn’t mind putting my feet up on that!


Last year I got a fantastic tiger photo I still haven’t painted, and this year the bobcat was a hit. I saw one of these once when I was mountain biking. I looked up the trail, looked down at my gears, thought, “What the?” and looked back up, and it had vanished. I used to see a lot of deer, but that was the only cat ever. Thank goodness. He might be a little guy, but not little enough for me!



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feather quilt

I’ve been sewing all year long, and am stocking up my shabby chic shop now for Christmas. I have a ton of stuff to list. This feather quilt is listed there now, this one is so pretty in person. I used Miss Kate fabric for the feathers, and a beige Waverly solid for the background.

feather quilt

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sewing: finished girlie quilt

Are you reading my sewing blog? I know I need to link to it more often. I finished my little girl quilt, and it deserves showing-off on two blogs :).



I have a lot more photos of it on my other blog, and the quilt is available for sale in my etsy shabby-chic shop.

This quilt would make a perfect holiday gift for some treasured little girl. The quality of the fabrics and workmanship (made by my own hands!) ensure the quilt will last a lifetime.

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I have been working hard this Saturday, finishing up piecing this quilt top.


Tah-dah! It’s a swirl of blue and pink, perfect for a little girl.

I love the rabbits….


And I love the horses….


And the foxes and birds….


And I love all the romantic roses. All such pretty fabric, so cheerful and sort of magical.


So that is the finished top. I have not purchased the backing fabric yet. I want to use this fabric, but it is out of stock until the end of July.

The fabric is called Rosewater, by designer Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit.


What they *do* have in stock is the same fabric in yellow.

What would you do? Be okay with the yellow version, letting it throw a different feel onto the reverse side of the quilt? Or wait for the blue so it’s all matchy-matchy?

I’m not a yellow person, but I think I will be putting this quilt for sale in my shop. I don’t know any little girls who love pink and blue….the fabrics were so beautiful I just wanted to get my hands on them and work!

So yellow or blue?

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Is this my first finished quilt of the year? I think it might be. I know I bought the fabric right after Christmas — can’t pass up an end-of-the-year sale! I had scoped out the fabric at the shop and had my fingers crossed it would show up at a reduced price; since the pattern is seasonal, it was a good bet.


The fabric is “Winter’s Lane” by Kate and Birdie Paper Co. for Moda. I added some solid white and solid gray as well, just for a little more variety and I had it on hand.


I had my heart set on a quilt that said “winter” without hammering the “Christmas” aspect, but also wanted it to speak a little bit to Christmas. Who knew I would be so demanding about quilts? Good thing I could choose exactly what fabric I wanted. White, gray, teal, with pops of red. If I had it to do over I would choose half as much red, but there you go. At least it’s done!

I chose teal for the back side, it might have been called aqua. You can see it above.



For the final quilting, I borrowed my friend’s new Pfaff Ambition 1.0 and I have to say I am in LOVE with her machine. I can fit a whole quilt top in it, the throat has plenty of room to maneuver the fabric without horrible bunching or rolling. Plus, the machine has a built-in walking foot! Wow, does a walking foot make all the difference, I will never quilt straight lines without one again!


Now if I can just get my friend to loan me her machine every time I get to the quilting stage….


I think is this is the largest quilt so far, probably 90″ square. It will look gorgeous thrown over the couch next winter! Of course, it might just end up in my etsy shop. How else could I afford to keep quilting, if I didn’t sell every other one? It’s hard to part with them when you love them…but of course I’ve already got another one in the works. I’ll have to show off the fabrics, I love the next one, too!

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crafty weekend

I’ve been working on my winter quilt, as promised.

I’ve got all the log cabin squares pieced. I think it’s about 100″ square, making it the largest quilt so far!


There ended up being a lot more red than I imagined. All those poinsettias add up! I like the little birds best.




I wish there was more aqua in the color mix. I also once again used mostly mid-value colors, so there is no strong color contrast to build with. I think the people who plan these things out on paper beforehand make stronger quilts. I just like working with the fabric…!

The squares will probably be sewn into the quilt top this weekend, but I still have to purchase backing fabric and batting.

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I went with a friend to a new fabric store in town, and yay, the new store has all the modern designers. I am in love. While looking around, I overheard one of the staff say there would be a one-day sale after Christmas, so I kept my hands in my pockets and waited until that day…and came home with five yards of fabric at half price! I am so glad I was able to buy this fabric, because I’d had a Christmas quilt in mind all through the holiday season, and was slowly winnowing down my color/pattern choices in my head, trying to figure out what I really wanted.

These colors are perfect.


I had almost decided on making a silver quilt, with just hints of red, but this is probably better. I want it to say “winter” more than I want it to say “Christmas.”


While at the fabric store I’d seen jelly rolls of the fabric, so I’d started planning in my head making a log cabin quilt. Then when I went for the sale, only the bolts were on sale, so I just kept in mind a log cabin style and started cutting my strips. It was not worth the money to have someone pre-cut the fabric for me.

And then I decided I needed a couple more fabric patterns, 9 different patterns total, and shopped and shopped and shopped around the web, and boy is this fabric hard to find. I should mention it’s Winter’s Lane by Kate and Birdie Paper Co. for Moda. I finally found exactly what I wanted on Etsy.


Strip piecing should make it fast and easy, right? Here’s hoping!

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