baby quilt done!

Yay, one project finished! I did not really think through all the orange in advance, so I hope the little girl will like it. I just didn’t want to go pink and princesses, and thought the butterflies were a charming place to start. I probably should have played up the pink aspects of the butterflies, though, instead of the orange. Oh well. Can’t have enough blankets to have tea parties on!
close up

I bought enough fabric for the reverse side, but then pre-washed it and it shrank. So there was enough fabric in length but not in width, and I luckily had a few scraps of focus fabric left over and used it to widen the fabric. You can’t see, but there is a small all-over white design on that white fabric.
back side

I followed some internet directions this time on edge binding, and it was half machine sew and then finished up by hand. I think it looks very smart!

This is where I learned my machine needs a special foot and needles for free motion quilting, and that the store I bought my machine no longer sells machines so no more needles! Gah! I was going to try my hand at free motion, but had to go back to straight lines.

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