Watching: Sleuth (2007)

I remember watching the original Sleuth (1972) sometime back in the 1980s, and don’t remember anything about it besides thinking Michael Caine was handsome and that the movie was clever and I liked it. So when I saw Sleuth was remade with Michael Caine again, albeit 35 years older, and directed by Kenneth Branagh, IContinue reading “Watching: Sleuth (2007)”

Watching: The Woodsman (2004)

I had to think about whether to mention The Woodsman, because usually I talk about movies that are worth putting on your Netflix list. This one…is for a certain kind of person, the kind who watches IFC and Sundance and thinks edgy ideas are fun to mull over. I watched the commentary after the movie,Continue reading “Watching: The Woodsman (2004)”