and then my heart just about stopped

My heart stopped for just a second, anyway. Do you ever feel like that, that if you take a breath or look away the moment might be shattered and whatever you see might not really be true?

That’s how I felt when I laid eyes on these patterns.


Can you see view A? I think this pattern is from between 1920 and 1924. Views A and B have a Grecian, art deco feel. Quick research just showed me “Standard Designer” put out a fashion magazine at the turn of the 1900s, so must have branched out into patterns. Note this one cost forty-cents — that was a lot for a pattern! Most were a dime, or fifteen-cents. I haven’t unfolded it yet (you can see the edge got all chewed off), because I suspect I’ll only be able to unfold it one time and I want to have some tracing paper on hand. The measurements are my measurements, but since ladies are so much taller today I wonder if it will really fit? We’ll find out!


I’d say this one is between 1928 and 1933. The hat, the hair, tell me it’s right around then. I’d make view 2, in the center, with the bit of frill at the neck. Having made this kind of pattern before, I know that skirt is not a breeze to put together. This pattern originally cost fifteen-cents.


This last one is a slip pattern. And it’s easy to date, since the postmark says June 6, 1932. It was mailed from San Francisco, even though the pattern company was located in Portland, OR? I wonder how that happened…? Yay, a period slip to go with the dresses! These are going to be so much fun!!!


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