painting: horse smooch

I painted these horses once before, but differently, and thought I’d better paint them again in advance of Valentine’s Day. You just don’t get a good horse smooch like that whenever you want (or I’d be painting horse kisses every day). 18″x18″, oil on stretched canvas. Available now in my etsy shop.


painting: Bernese Mountain Dog

Did you see I listed a dog painting today? A Berner. 11″x14″, oil on stretched canvas. Available now in my etsy shop. SOLD Next week it will be almost all horses. Do you have any requests? I can look through my reference photos and see what I have, I know I still have zoo photosContinue reading “painting: Bernese Mountain Dog”

paintings: a bunny, and a sorrel horse

I listed two paintings on etsy today. I’ve been fooling around with the oil paint trying to figure out how to make it splotchy (believe me, it doesn’t just go on splotchy!), and I think I’ve figured it out. There’s a lot of energy in splotches, which I want to figure out how to harness.Continue reading “paintings: a bunny, and a sorrel horse”

Family Circle, 1970: home tour

We look around the restored home of Olive and Richard Brose. “Says Richard: ‘We lived on the porch while we stripped the inside bare.’” And, “One of the masons even discovered a handsome fieldstone fireplace hidden behind a brick facade in the living room. When linoleum was ripped from the floors, lo and behold! lovelyContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: home tour”

Family Circle, 1970: the crafts

Talk about coming full circle, these are exactly the types of designs I see in craft blogland today. Slight changes to the color aesthetics, but the underlying design? Exactly the same. Weird quilt shapes as needlepoint? Absolutely. What floors me is the suggestion to needlepoint 8 of these squares and sew them together and useContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: the crafts”

paintings: a pug, and pears

I’ve forgotten to show off my paintings this week. I think this one is very successful, and makes a plain brown pear visually interesting and exciting. 12″x12″, oil on stretched canvas. And I love this pug, too, his expression is engaging. 10″x10″ on stretched canvas. Both are available now in my etsy shopBOTH ARE SOLD,Continue reading “paintings: a pug, and pears”