evening knitting

To keep busy in the evening, when there’s a spare moment, I’ve been knitting a pair of mitts.


I made up the pattern, fifty stitches on size 2 needles, and I really should have made them 40 stitches. I’d prefer them to be just a little tighter.


I’ve never successfully knit those little bobbles before, so this was a first. I’m not sure I did it right; as usual, I just winged it.


The yarn is from Hobby Lobby, it might be called “Honey Bee” brand. It had a little bee on it, anyway. I’d prefer the color changes weren’t so regular, but that’s of course personal taste. The texture is very soft, and it’s an acrylic/wool blend.


Overall, the mitts are probably longer than usual, but I had to accommodate the tree pattern–I couldn’t stop knitting halfway through a tree, because that would have looked weird.


I’m still plucking away, and nearing the finish line.


Anything on your needles?


3 thoughts on “evening knitting

  1. I love these, colors work beautifully. I wish I had a picture of the mittens you gave me. I use them all the time. Right now I’m picking hay out of them from feeding the horses. To be able to wing that pattern, you are so talented.

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