wild flower mix

I buy those packs of assorted “spring flower” or “wild flower” seed mix, so what comes up is a surprise. By the time the flowers have bloomed the packages are long thrown away, so I can’t refer back to figure out what the flowers are. Next year I will save the package, because I like everything that came up!

These guys look like snowflakes.


And this one is a fairly large flower, which droops and closes as soon as the sprinkler hits it. I love how it appears so fragile; the blooms last about two weeks.


If I could identify either of these, I’d try and buy seed packs of these as stand-alones. As it is, I hope they seed themselves for next year!

4 thoughts on “wild flower mix

  1. I wish I could see more of the leaves but I think the second plant is single hollyhock. Look at web images and compare your blooms and leaves. That’s how I identify my plants. Of course, I do save my seed packets. They have helpful facts.

    1. Not a hollyhock, those grow tall and this plant is only about 12″ on very spindly stems. I wish I *could* grow hollyhocks, but my seed packets never sprout. I am starting to suspect my zone gets hot too quick, and that I need to have everything in the ground at the beginning of the recommended time. Thanks for trying to help!

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