iris note

I bought this kind of iris bulbs through a fancy mail order catalog fifteen years ago. I loved them, each bulb produced a single flower perfect for cutting. In the catalog, it was called a “Japanese Iris,” and I thought maybe it was special since it has a bulb rather than a rhizome. Perhaps not aContinue reading “iris note”


mspt: lavender wreath

For those who haven’t been reading forever, “mspt” is “make something pretty today.” I used a wreath frame from the floral section in the dollar store, and ribbon and fresh lavender. You have to gather the lavender on just the right day–too soon, and it’s not fragrant, too late and it’s gone to seed. IContinue reading “mspt: lavender wreath”

the journey to Spring 01/09/15

I did not chronicle Spring last year, and now I’m sorry I missed it. I’ve been saying since the beginning of January that there’s been flocks of robins all over, so Spring is going to be early. I know Puxatawney Phil did not agree, but maybe since I’m west coast things are different. Most yearsContinue reading “the journey to Spring 01/09/15”