at the antique show (trailers)

There’s something about aluminum tear-drop trailers that is so much fun. Wouldn’t it be great to have one and belong to a caravan club? Instant friends and destinations!

Several trailers, not necessarily tear-drops, but mini-minis, were at the show and displayed so you could view their gussied-up interiors.

I’ll start with the turquoise trailer. You have such a small interior to work with, that it’s easy to make it all matchy-matchy. The curtains, the quilt, the seat covers. I’m guessing the kitchen fixtures are original in these trailers, and everything else builds off that color.

This trailer was an aluminum model, and the interior has been wood paneled. I have no idea if this was original to this kind of trailer, or if someone put a lot of love into this project. The checkerboard floor is fun, too.

I did not take enough photos of this model, I’m kicking myself now. The interior was built around the red boomerang counter, the bed curtain is a chenille bedspread. The curtais are a fun 30s print with embroidery, and look at the backsplash made of pressed tin.

Boy, I think this is a project to aspire to. What fun to caravan around after retirement!

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