at the Ouachita quilt show (part 1)

I am going to break down my many, many photos over several days, so as not to overwhelm ya’ll. Some quilts I like a lot, some not so much–but all deserve their moment in the sun!

The quilts are arranged in no particular order, except how I wandered through the show.

Is this a Celtic knot variation? A garden path? I like the scrappy use, and there is a definite grouping of color families. Overall, a pretty twin quilt good for a boy or girl.

An embroidered 50-State quilt. My gosh, so much time, what a labor of love.

Green and purple. I don’t think I would ever go there, but it works.

These colors are more to my liking, but not quite. I find that even if I’m not happy with my finished project, give it a couple weeks and let me look again and I’ll be over the moon about it. Perspective. Yep.

Something about Sunbonnet Sue just doesn’t churn my butter. Sure, she’s a classic with a long history. Every show you go to has at least one example.

Hmm. Now that I’m really looking at this little girl, maybe I need to give her a try? A lap quilt. Simple. 30s prints. Maybe one day, when I want to work on something low key.

Ah, Christmas! What a great design, with so many things to look at. This quilter has an embroidery machine with all the bells and whistles; we will be seeing more of her quilts!

This looks to me like a Lori Holt design. Not sure the name of the pattern, but it looks like something from the last couple years. Maybe Farmhouse? This quilter picked out great colors, and it’s all so cheerful.

A sweet birdie…

And a happy little hen….

Can’t overlook the tea kettle or the canning jars. Yep, it’s all so farmhouse.

I’ll leave you today with this beauty. It was definitely king sized, and won both best of show and peoples’ choice awards. I amped the color contrast for online display purpose, but in reality the colors were very muted. Truly lovely.


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