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I meant to post this about 3 weeks ago, but my camera battery ran out THE SAME DAY I took these photos, and I couldn’t get them off my camera. Gah. However, the fine folks at Kay C’s Art and Collectibles kindly agreed to show some of my paintings during the Hermiston Art Walk in early May. I’ve been having some health problems and just couldn’t see myself sitting there for the entire day, plus the setup and clean-up involved — it was just too much for me this year. But William kindly agreed to show a few of my paintings, along with his co-owner Mary Corp who sells her own paintings. Her work is scattered throughout the store, if you are in the area it’s worth your time to pause on Main Street and take a look! Right across the street is the drug store, and you can still get a ice cream soda (I should have taken a photo of that, too!).

So, instead of the post I’d originally planned (back when it was still before the art-walk and more relevant), I’m posting a few photos of the beautiful things I will buy one day when I am rich. Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful things and wishing?

Let’s begin!

My photo of the store name (Kay C’s Art and Collectibles) did not turn out (I think my battery was starting to go), but here is a photo of the store front.


I would so love to have a male canary warbling away through the day, and I’d love to have a cage that looked just like this. The only thing that stops me buying it immediately is I just think it’s too *small* for a bird nowadays. I can’t imagine any bird being happy with hardly room to open it’s wings. But if you didn’t want an actual bird, just a prop in the living room, wouldn’t it be fine?


William wanted me to show off his brass banks, the elephant and taj mahal (is that what that is?). The pretty lady is just pretty, the classic lines of art nouveau.


This wash stand is exactly like one I saw in a magazine, except that one was painted Swedish Blue. I would SO love to buy this one and paint it! Pretty vintage towels hanging off the rack at the back…how pretty would that be?


And I love this porcelain lady who I bet is meant to hold hat pins, and not sewing pins. She is just so large, it makes more sense. But hat pins might just poke too-large of holes in her fine satin skirt….


I don’t remember where I saw it, probably a decorator magazine, but somewhere I saw a saddle poised on artisan-made sawhorses standing in front of a picture window. Art all by itself. I loved it. One day I’d like to have a living room LARGE enough to showcase such art!


I love everything about this Americana print — the dog, the flags, the kids who look like Boy Scouts, and the very feminine little girls. Such purpose in their little parade.


This is not the only old lamp there, but I love the cobalt glass. I just wish cobalt fit into my living room, but it does not. This one is just so pretty. Maybe I will buy it, anyway….


Having moved here from California, I’m almost ashamed what I used to pay for things like this. Seriously, his prices are 1/3 as much. And there are a few of my paintings still on display there, too, if you want to see my work in person. Right off H-395 on Main Street, next to the Pheasant Lounge. Across the street from the drug store. You can’t miss it. Who can resist art and antiques?


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wishing: chicken house

I haven’t posted a “wishing” post in a while, have I? I guess you move in and out of planning a “maybe-one-day” life.

But I saw this photo of a chicken house in one of my back-issues of Victoria magazine from March, 2001, and thought, “Isn’t that perfect?”


Remember last year we dabbled in backyard chickens, and discovered they are voracious foragers who scratch up every last inch of floral garden? They destroyed the pathways by scratching barkdust all over, scratched up and rearranged flower beds by scattering seeds far and wide. (The chickens were re-homed to a friend with a flock.)

So knowing what I know now, I like the fenced-in section of the above coop. It’s fine to let the chickens run free for a couple hours every day, but letting them out for all of daylight gives them far too much time to do damage to a smaller garden. And the above is so pretty. The article says there are chickens in one shed and doves in the other, but I can see rabbits in one of those sheds….

I’m still thinking of getting a couple chicks again this year, maybe a smaller ornamental breed. There’s just something charming about seeing them scratching around the yard. –I was looking at magazines earlier today and saw there is a Chickens magazine, so I can’t be the only one to think so!

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wishing: pretty kitchen

I know, everyone watches Merrie Melodies and says, “Wow, that’s a beautiful kitchen!” I love the cabinets, the whole red and white scheme going on.

The white cabinets with red trim….

The cheery dotty curtains….

The checkered tablecloth and red pans on the wall….

You see it best starting at minute 1:37 for about 20 seconds.

Does anyone have red and white cabinets anymore? When I buy an old farm house, this is sooo what I’m going to do.

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wishing: lovely bathroom

My friend Ginger re-did her bathroom much in the manner I’ve been dreaming about. This probably would not work in my current home, but maybe in my next home. She wanted to have the feel of an old-time wash-basin, and the water faucet is reminiscent of a pump handle. Didn’t this turn out lovely?

The drawer is still usable, because she adapted it to allow the pipe to ease through.

The inner workings don’t take up much room at all, either. I know it’s not a simple project (because they are never as simple as I imagine they will be!), but it looks like it would be pretty easy to do.

The only drawback looks to be the lack of an overflow catcher, which is pretty necessary when you have someone around who likes to constantly wash things (my-little-ponies, barbies, little petshops) in the sink. But for older people, this is beautiful!

Now I’m trying to think what period hand/body towels would look like, and I don’t have any idea. I know at one point people used plain linen, but I don’t know when terry cloth came into mass production.  And did people embroider on hand towels 100 years ago? There are so many examples of kitchen towels, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything bath-related.

I’m going to have to pay extra attention to old movies for inspiration….

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I try to tell you when there is a good sale at J Peterman, but today I’m just highlighting some dresses I’m wishing about. Not on sale. Fingers crossed they come on sale in my size! The first one, at $124, is pretty close to affordable while still not being on sale. (Remember to use the coupon code jpten to get 10% off! That’s like free shipping!)

I love it in this color, they call it “celery,” and the dress is also available in pale pink. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you shouldn’t wear pink after you are 20 years old, at least not until you hit about 65 and then it’s okay to wear again. For the ages in-between, you are trying to artificially look like a girl (was the theory) and hence just look silly. Pink is not my color, but it made a very pretty dress.  oh, and this one was in linen. I’m getting tired of buying dresses that are dry clean only! But I still like this one.

I also am in love with the lines of this dress! It’s cotton jacquard, so in theory I could hand-wash. At $189 I’m waiting for a sale, though! This dress was available last season in different colors, and I did miss it while on sale. I love this season’s colors even more, so I guess I’m still in luck! I love this dress because it is so hard to find one that has no bunching of some kind around the waist, maybe I just mean waistband…but falls straight like this so is more slimming than most. And it would be a beautiful outfit accompanied by a little natural-fiber shrug which I want to knit.

And I love coats, I have too many coats, but each one does something different, you know? And even though this one does not pretend to be a 1930s repro, I still think it could pass as one. I can just see Nora Charles getting out of her coupe wearing this. I think it’s described as a small purple houndstooth, so very sophisticated.

Aren’t they all lovely? I love the summer season.

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