Reading: The Three Mustangers (1933)

The Three Mustangers, by Will James. Here’s the opening paragraph. If this was made into a movie, you could just hear Wilford Brimley doing the voice-over narration: “Andy Thomas would of most likely been a plain average and just a hard-riding cowboy if he’d been brought up where such kind of men rode. There wasContinue reading “Reading: The Three Mustangers (1933)”

Watching: The Passenger (1975)

The Passenger, 1975, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. Definitely a film-school must-see, if only for the dolly-shot ending. The camera starts in a hotel room looking out the window into a courtyard, and by the end of the scene the camera has moved through the barred window and into the courtyard, and turned around again toContinue reading “Watching: The Passenger (1975)”

“Slings and Arrows” (2003)

“Slings and Arrows” (2003). We’ve been watching the little-known television  series, Slings & Arrows. It ran 2003-2005, but each season had only 6 episodes. 6 well developed, funny, smart, and over much too soon episodes.  The action revolves around the staging of a theatrical play, each season a different play, and the characters are fullyContinue reading ““Slings and Arrows” (2003)”