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I bought a couple vintage dress patterns on ebay, this is the first one to arrive. I’ll buy my fabric from fabric.com clearance, because I only want to spend about $12 per dress. It may take some waiting for the right fabric to come along, but it does seem like plaids are always available and I purposely picked dress patterns that would work with plaids. I want to do a dress/hat/purse all matchy-matchy kind of outfit, and this pattern should work perfectly.

I did the measure-the-pattern-and-then-measure-me thing, and determined that while the pattern measurements are right for me, the actual dress expects me to wear a girdle. So if you are a first time buyer of vintage patterns, keep that in mind. Luckily, I bookmarked this handy-dandy tutorial about pattern grading, and will have to fool around with making alterations. The tutorial makes it seem pretty easy. I’m working up a mock-up version of the top part of the dress, using an old sheet for my cheap fabric. Somehow it seems so tiring to have to adjust things, so it’s not coming along very quickly. But once my mock-up fits, I’ll feel much better about buying my actual fabric. Even if it’s only $12 fabric, I’d still rather know the dress will work before I commit to the real fabric.

The striping on view 1 is ribbon sewed to the fabric by hand. The instructions say to sew the upper edge only. I have to wonder whether that will stay in place very well. Oh, and speaking of which, I LOVE that the instructions are much more detailed than modern instructions. I guess the 1930s expected you to be a very accomplished seamstress and told you very little, but then by the 1950s the companies realized they were better off detailing instructions and thereby not losing customers to frustration.


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