paintings: a squirrel, and a palomino

Painting the bushy squirrel tail is the most fun part, the layers and streaks combining to form such a pop of a puff. Really brings it all together. 9″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my Etsy shop. From a reference photo shared by the generous Les Liddle. My very favorite pose. A glance back,Continue reading “paintings: a squirrel, and a palomino”

painting: gray squirrel

Are squirrels one of your favorite animals? Personally, I think of squirrels as rabbits whom someone grabbed the tail of, and pulled so hard that the ears got shorter as the tail got longer. We have gray squirrels roaming our yard, but this one was from a photo shared on a Facebook artist group. IfContinue reading “painting: gray squirrel”