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My sister has listed some new eco bags in her etsy store. I sure think she finds some beautiful fabric!


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You know when the seasons are turning because more catalogs arrive in the mail! I’m wishing over these pieces of apparel. So pretty! These first 3 pieces are from Sundance, I buy from them off and on and have always been more than happy with the quality. I hit the sale pages first, of course, which is why I’m still wishing over these pieces that aren’t on sale (yet). The Carole boots are described as cowboy meets city–aren’t they perfect? The sweaters are the Chloe (gray) and Addison (rust). So stylish!
If I was still a paralegal I’d snap these pieces up in a heartbeat! But since I’m a stay-at-home now, I don’t need as many fancy clothes. And I just love coats. You can’t have too many coats! This appliqued one is from Acacia, whom I have never purchased from but they keep sending me catalogs nevertheless. I love the collar, the colors, and of course the flowers! This is one of those pieces you could wear for 10 years and never feel out of date. The colors in the catalog make it look much more vibrant than this little photos does–burgandy in the flower, and orange!
floral coat
I’ll have to keep looking back at these photos and counting my pennies….

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