mspt: lunch bag (09/28/19)

I did some sewing just for me. These lunch bags last about a year, with pretty frequent washing. It’s always nice to have something fresh and new. My sister gave me the bunny fabric, which I put aside for something special. Well, this is it! It just kills me to cut into fabric I’m saving,Continue reading “mspt: lunch bag (09/28/19)”

mspt: coin purse

I bought the purse clasp a long time ago because isn’t a little coin purse something you want to carry in your handbag? Snap open the clasp, dump in your change. Always handy, and so pulled-together.   I hand-sewed the hexes using paper templates. Sewed the finished “flower” to the main fabric. I created theContinue reading “mspt: coin purse”

favorite quilts at the fair, 2019

Disclaimer: None of the following quilts were made by me. These were my favorites from the Benton County fair this year, picked either for color or pattern, and in a few cases, both. Does anyone know the name of the fabric in the circle below? If you do, leave a comment. I’d like to findContinue reading “favorite quilts at the fair, 2019”

mspt: a mug rug and a mat

I’ve wanted a flag-themed mug rug to put on my desk at work for a **long** time. I’d like to rotate these out to match the holiday or season. Even if it’s just sitting under a plant, it makes the office space feel a little cheerier. I used fabrics from Bonnie & Camille, Handmade, andContinue reading “mspt: a mug rug and a mat”

mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases

I made two of these, whew, what a lot of work. Still, I was glad of being able to sit around and keep my hands busy. These turned out so pretty. I kept the color palette limited so the design wasn’t too complicated, but with enough variation that the result wasn’t cartoonish. The variegated purpleContinue reading “mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases”