mspt: embroidered fox

Remember I used to write “make something pretty today” posts? Yeah, I really ran out of time for making pretty things. Looking forward to retiring, and having endless days for projects. One day….

I spent several evenings working on this little embroidery. I haven’t embroidered in a long time, or at least not tried to make up my own designs, so it probably took a lot longer than just sewing to fill in an existing pattern.


I had only 3 colors of wool felt to choose from, and thought this green a better choice than the orange, but upon finishing it I decided I should have used the dark brown.The orange and the green here look like the same value, so the fox doesn’t pop as much as it should.


Altogether, I am happy with how it turned out. I purchased 4 of the necklace setting in different colors, so I will be trying again. I am thinking of a parakeet, and an owl. The fourth one has yet to be determined….

We will see!