garden tour: the quilt house

My parents visited this weekend, and we toured the gardens of local homes. I snapped a lot of photos, looked for ideas for our own garden, and found a little inspiration. I’ll start with the home which displayed the owner’s quilts outside. It was fun to see them all hanging on the line. the tulipContinue reading “garden tour: the quilt house”

quilting: western quilt

Remember I posted my resolutions for the year, and they were all variations of finishing up projects from last year? This cowboy quilt was on the list. Whew. Check that one off. It’s lap sized, or baby quilt sized. I picked out the variety of fabrics because I liked them, and kept the colors toContinue reading “quilting: western quilt”

half-finished fruit quilt

I’ve been knocked out by a cold all week, so my newsletter has only 2 new paintings and one old painting that I updated. I’ll put the newsletter together later today. While down, I finished cutting out some quilt squares and pieced a top together. There is a pattern, but it’s really sort of anContinue reading “half-finished fruit quilt”

sewing: finished 1930s quilt

Finally done! I did the hand-quilting in rows 10-inches apart, so it’s not as closely quilted as maybe it should be. I think it took about 12 hours to do that much, and that was all the time I was willing to put into it. I used a layer of fleece instead of cotton, havingContinue reading “sewing: finished 1930s quilt”

hand quilting on a borrowed frame

Imagine waking up to BOOM CRASH THUD TINK TINK TINK TINK. I borrowed this quilt frame from a friend. I think the cat couldn’t resist checking out the surface, and made the thing tip over in the night. It’s all set up again for this photo, but the tacked on top is a little wonky andContinue reading “hand quilting on a borrowed frame”

sewing: 1930s print quilt

Have I been busy sewing in the background? You have no idea. I collected fabric for this quilt for a long time, first starting on ebay by buying pre-cut 3-inch squares. Then I realized it was going to take an awful lot of squares to make a quilt, so I started buying 5-inch squares, too.Continue reading “sewing: 1930s print quilt”

fiddly quilts

Perhaps I should have titled this, “The-Opposite-of-Fiddly Quilts.” When my sister was visiting, she mentioned that quilting seems too precise, and she would never be able to get all those corners right. (I worry about all the points not being right, too, but have learned that ease is my friend and how to use it.)Continue reading “fiddly quilts”