finished: girlie quilt

This one turned out better than I expected. How girlie is that? I haven’t measured it, but it’s about, well, two yards by 60″. It fit the fleece I purchased almost perfectly. If I were five years old, I would LOVE this quilt. I machine quilted, and gave up after doing diagonals in one direction.Continue reading “finished: girlie quilt”

quilting: finished girl’s quilt

I took the quilt sandwich over to my friend’s house, and all the ladies helped do the hand quilting. It took about 4 hours, I think. I have to say, my idea was to stitch diagonals through the squares, but while I was out picking up the little miss from kindergarten, the other ladies startedContinue reading “quilting: finished girl’s quilt”

sewing: keeping busy with patriotic pinwheels

In the background I’m putting together pinwheels rotating this way and that. I’m limiting my colors to red/white/blue, but there’s a touch of yellow and green so far. Not enough to distract from the overall patriotic effect, though. I work on this when I have 20 minutes free, now and then. Cutting, or ironing (there’sContinue reading “sewing: keeping busy with patriotic pinwheels”

Fabric goodness

you know how when you were little and you sifted through your mother/grandmother’s button jar, and every button seemed like a possible treasure? That’s what going through this stack of fat quarters feels like. My sister has access to a traveling saleman who sells bolt ends amazingly inexpensively, and she brought me this almost-12-inch stack.Continue reading “Fabric goodness”

american girl quiltop pieced

This didn’t take so long at all to piece together, definitely under a day. I’m happy with how it turned out; the colors look fabulous together.  Now we’ll see how long it takes me to put together the backing…. And just for Anne, the squares are 9″, and I wish I had known there isContinue reading “american girl quiltop pieced”

quilting: drunkard’s path variation

Can I tell you how much I anticipated receiving this fabric? I ordered it from, all 8 yards for $34, with free shipping because I had a coupon code. Where can you receive 8 yards of co-ordinating fabric for $34? Almost nowhere, that’s where. Scour and scour and scour until all the luckyContinue reading “quilting: drunkard’s path variation”

finished project: rabbit quilt

Update: This quilt is going to the Rabbit Habit for charitable raffle, but won’t be raffled until September. Yay, another project to cross off my new year’s resolution list. I think this one has been languishing for a whole year. It sort of had to evolve, as where it started and where it ended aren’tContinue reading “finished project: rabbit quilt”