sewing: covered journal & mug rug

February is almost over and I am waaayy behind on my yearly sewing. This is it so far. This covered journal is to be my “house diary.” Where I put the paint chips from the hardware store and make notes of where the paint was purchased, and when the walls were painted. Or makes notesContinue reading “sewing: covered journal & mug rug”

2016 fun at the fair

D’oh, I forgot to download my fair photos!  There’s not so many this year, I went in the evening and the light wasn’t great. Good thing there’s another fair to go to tomorrow! Fingers crossed the light will be better, and the day not too hot. I picked out a few of my favorite quilts.Continue reading “2016 fun at the fair”

quilting: what’s on my design wall

I have been working hard this Saturday, finishing up piecing this quilt top. Tah-dah! It’s a swirl of blue and pink, perfect for a little girl. I love the rabbits…. And I love the horses…. And the foxes and birds…. And I love all the romantic roses. All such pretty fabric, so cheerful and sortContinue reading “quilting: what’s on my design wall”

sewing: Winter’s Lane quilt

Is this my first finished quilt of the year? I think it might be. I know I bought the fabric right after Christmas — can’t pass up an end-of-the-year sale! I had scoped out the fabric at the shop and had my fingers crossed it would show up at a reduced price; since the patternContinue reading “sewing: Winter’s Lane quilt”

finished swoon quilt. so shabby chic.

Done, done, and done. My swoon quilt using Tanya Whelan Petal fabric. It’s rainy-ish so I can’t have a great photo shoot and show it off as much as I’d like to. Since this is a present, I don’t want to risk it touching some filthy surface and picking up a stain. I forgot toContinue reading “finished swoon quilt. so shabby chic.”