baby quilt in forest colors

I had in mind a “walk through the woods” when I pulled the scrap fabrics to use for this baby quilt. Colors to remind one of nature, with a few florals and little animals to play I-Spy with. I hand-quilted the layers in a diamond-pattern, as you can see above. My intent was to beContinue reading “baby quilt in forest colors”

a table runner with little birds

I bought the bird fabric with no project in mind–I just thought they were so sweet, and that the right project would eventually come along. The fabric’s name is “All a Twitter” although I don’t remember the manufacturer. The name is such a natural, it was hard to forget. 🙂 Then I was cutting upContinue reading “a table runner with little birds”

sewing with Tilda fabrics

I’ve found my sewing mojo, and have been inspired by new fabric purchases. Tilda’s collection “Bon Voyage,” released earlier this spring, features bunnies. It’s been at least five years since she’s used rabbits in a collection, so of course I had to stock up! I love the bunnies, but was a little less enthused byContinue reading “sewing with Tilda fabrics”

moving right along (dug-a-dung, dug-a-dung)

    The song mirrors my mood working on this quilt. I’m moving along,  s-l-o-w-l-y, but happily. I’m regretting my choice to do the quilting by hand. The result is lovely, and I’m sure I’ll be happy at the end, but wow, it’s much more work than I imagined. All the fabric co-ordinate well, evenContinue reading “moving right along (dug-a-dung, dug-a-dung)”

a little progress

I flubbed the flying geese, I admit that right now.   I had sewed flying geese for something else, but that was months ago, and in my memory the math on them was one way, when reality was entirely different. I cut out all the fabric and did my sample sewing…afterward. All that fabric, cutContinue reading “a little progress”

improv quilting

This is a longer-term quilting project. I’ve made a lot of half-square triangle quilts in the past, and thought it is time to expand my range. I started with triangles, to make the background star. The flower in the center is 3-dimensional, and hand-sewn. This will be an improv quilt; I’m looking for new techniquesContinue reading “improv quilting”