getting a little sewing done

I am finally feeling much better, I think that cold or flu dragged on for two weeks! My painting is coming along great, I’ve got a bunch of past dog paintings ready to print and make into necklaces, I’ve been finishing all the little bits of sewing that have been lying around but are ChristmasContinue reading “getting a little sewing done”

sewing: old-fashioned-nosegay quilt

Doesn’t this look like one heck of a tough pattern? Those two squares were my first attempts, and the next three helped me figure out how to make it lay flat and have all those points actually come to a point. I’m still not sure what to do with the big lump of fabric theContinue reading “sewing: old-fashioned-nosegay quilt”

working on the quilt made from thrifted sheets

This is coming together faster than any other quilting project I’ve worked on, probably because I’ve learned not to cut out each square individually, but sew strips together to save time, then cut out one section (3 squares) of a nine-patch, and sew up the sections. I think this is going to be a crazyContinue reading “working on the quilt made from thrifted sheets”

I won another giveaway, yay for me!

I won the sheet fat-quarter giveaway over at Twin Fibers. Hooray for me! Now I definitely have enough sheets to work on my quilt. I had to stop myself from buying a pink one I saw while thrifting yesterday, because enough is enough! After I start cutting up my sheets I’ll have a giveaway, too,Continue reading “I won another giveaway, yay for me!”

I know I said I would never do it, but

I bought a thrifted item specifically to put on ebay. It is soooo hard to pass up items that are beautiful and just perfect (for someone else) but that I don’t need. Especially when they are ridiculously cheap. So I bought one item. And I’ll set it aside. Maybe for years. Until I have enoughContinue reading “I know I said I would never do it, but”